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| May 27, 2015

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With Android M coming soon, the end of Nexus device support is near

May 26, 2015 |

Nexus devices are about to get some bad news from Google’s next version of Android. Devices starting from Nexus 4 smartphone to Nexus 7 tablets will not be getting any OS updates anymore. Very harsh, Read more […]Read More

New NFS game is an Underground reboot!

May 22, 2015 | Yes, yes, and yes: there’s a new NFS game coming, and it’s a reboot of Underground! The upcoming game will be a “full reboot” of the franchise and will go back to Read more […]Read More

LG shows off amazing ‘wallpaper’ OLED display

May 21, 2015 |

Display technology has been getting better and better, but this is just amazing: LG showed off a 55-inch OLED panel that weighs just 1.9 KG (4lbs) and is 0.97mm thick. Let that sink in for a bit. The Read more […]Read More

Sharp’s Aquos Xx brings bezel-less design to top-end market

May 20, 2015 |

Sharp is wowing everyone again with a new bezel-less device. Unlike the Aquos Crystal, this new phone is a flagship model. Dubbed the Aquos Xx, the phone features a 5.7 inch full HD display, 3GB RAM, Snapdragon Read more […]Read More

MediaTek’s Pump Express Plus to compete Qualcomm’s Quick Charge

May 19, 2015 |

In order to strengthen and compete with the leading mobile chip maker, Qualcomm, MediaTek is throwing all it has to become a serious competitor. The question is, will they be able to do so with the upcoming Read more […]Read More launches iOS app in Bangladesh

May 18, 2015 |, a leading online shopping community in Bangladesh, has launched its iOS app in Bangladesh for iPhone users on Monday 18th May 2015. The online shopping app is designed to provide a convenient Read more […]Read More

Google self-driving cars to hit the streets in the US this Summer

May 15, 2015 |

Google’s self driving car will finally hit the city streets in the US this summer which changes its journey from test tracks to the main roads. According to a blog post, Google’s self-driving cars were Read more […]Read More

Facebook launches Instant Articles with quick loading news feed

May 14, 2015 | 1

The heavily rumored publishing platform feature by Facebook is here. Christened as Instant Articles, the new in-built app will let publisher to host their content directly on Facebook which means the users Read more […]Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Analysis

May 13, 2015 |

Technology has become a strong factor in the way that people communicate. Whether it be for business or social reasons, social media is taking over as the primary means to reach individuals. This is especially Read more […]Read More

OPPO R7 Plus pictures leaked for the first time

May 9, 2015 |

Well, what do we have here. Apart from the much talked about OPPO R7, there seems to be another device accompanying it, the OPPO R7 Plus. This bigger device might be launched along side the R7 on May 20th Read more […]Read More

Why Customer Lifetime Value Matters to Your Business  

May 8, 2015 |

Do you know how to identify your best customers? A “good” customer may be seen as one who makes large or numerous purchases, is easy to work with, gives you lots of free word of mouth advertising, Read more […]Read More

4 reasons why I love the LG G4

May 7, 2015 |

The high-end Android market is highly saturated. Samsung and HTC are dominating this space with the Galaxy S6 and One M9, respectively. However, I believe these phones have been trumped by the recently Read more […]Read More

Two new high-end Lumias coming with Windows 10

May 5, 2015 |

It’s been a while since we saw any new high-end Lumias. So, what’s Microsoft up to? Well, they’re waiting for Windows 10 to drop, and they’re prepping two high-end Lumias for the release. The first Read more […]Read More

New video of Galaxy S6 Edge shows how the ‘Edge’ is made

May 4, 2015 | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is truly one of the most unique products of 2015 and has earned much acclaim from all the quarters for its magnificent and stunning Read more […]Read More

Xiaomi Mi4i: A Glimpse at the Company’s Future

May 3, 2015 |

Xiaomi’s recently announced Mi4i is an interesting and exciting proposition. It has the fabled “wow factor” in terms of both specs and price, making it a truly interesting phone. However, what’s Read more […]Read More

Unboxing: Goldberg EVO VX1

May 1, 2015 | Here’s our unboxing video of the new smartphone in town, Goldberg EVO VX1. Price: BDT 4,599 Catch our full review soon! Stay tuned! Read more […]Read More

WWE 2K15 comes to PC!

April 29, 2015 | OH MY GOD—I can’t tell you just how happy I’m right now: WWE 2K15 is now available on PC! This is the first game in the series’ 15 year history to make its way Read more […]Read More

LG G4 officially unveiled, big improvements in camera

April 29, 2015 |

You’ve probably already seen the leaked G4, so LG’s official announcement shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. The company officially unveiled the new flagship phone today at an event in New Read more […]Read More

OPPO will officially unveil the R7 this May

April 28, 2015 |

It seems it wasn’t possible for OPPO to make their upcoming device OPPO R7 secret before public launch. With so many leaked videos and pictures of the device, there’s simply no point in keeping the Read more […]Read More

So what is the perfect smartphone? Here’s my analysis

April 28, 2015 |

Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are the selling hot cakes in the market but brands like Xiaomi and Huawei are also taking a bite in the pie. While the established market players have opted for premium Read more […]Read More