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| December 19, 2014

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Blackberry goes back in time with Blackberry Classic

December 17, 2014 |

Blackberry is returning back to where it began with a new phone that features the tratditional keyboard at a time when most of the smartphones have resorted to touch screens. Throughout the last few weeks, Read more […]Read More

Microsoft Lumia 435 picture and specs leaked

December 15, 2014 |

With Microsoft Lumia 535 already on the market shelves, another new budget friendly smartphone , Lumia 435, might be releasing soon according to the leaks. Since the possible name is ‘435’, it can be deduced Read more […]Read More

Google updates Hangouts to v 2.5.8

December 12, 2014 |

Unlike most other Google apps, Hangouts is one that did not receive a material design revamp with the release of Lollipop. The Hangouts team have released a new update which has given in material design Read more […]Read More

Network Attached Storage Devices: Easier to Hack Than Home Routers

December 11, 2014 |

Individuals and businesses buy NAS devices when they need extra file storage. In an organization, they provide dedicated places for a number of people to store and share their files. Most devices have Read more […]Read More

Here’s why videos transmit more information in a better way than text

December 10, 2014 |

Online video marketing is easy to distribute and cheap to implement, and will help your website get high rankings. Experts like Brent Franson, help small businesses get a big presence on the web with video. Read more […]Read More

Micromax unveils Canvas Selfie: A Phone focusing on selfies

December 9, 2014 |

The Indian Consumer electronics company, Micromax, has been doing a good job in the market by providing budget friendly smartphones to the consumers both in India and Bangladesh.  Though Samsung still Read more […]Read More

[Review] PDF Recovery: A Tool Worth Considering

December 9, 2014 |

PDF files are designed to keep up with the fast paced and increasing work load as they can be easily shared, protected, and published too. Creating a PDF file just takes a couple of minutes. But the same Read more […]Read More

Kaymu’s presence is helping the rapid growth of online shopping in Bangladesh.

December 7, 2014 |

Today’s economy is about making quick, informed decisions. Brick and mortar stores can’t afford customers the same accessibility to multiple products, information and services like the Internet. For Read more […]Read More

The Brain of the Internet: How data centers keep the cloud running [Infographic]

December 6, 2014 |

Have you ever wondered how all the viral videos, gifs, memes that you watch everyday are stored? Most importantly, where they are stored before they are delivered to our computer screen? The answer: Data Read more […]Read More

Even Stephen Hawking Uses Swiftkey!

December 3, 2014 |

Swiftkey Keyboard is like one of those applications that many many many Android users download the moment they get a new device. Swiftkey after all is marketed as the mind reading keyboard, with predictions Read more […]Read More

Microsoft Lumia 535 officially launched in India for $150

November 29, 2014 |

The first Lumia device 535 under Microsoft has been officially launched in India for an attractive price at only $150. (INR 9200). For the specifications that the device has, it is a really good pricing Read more […]Read More

World’s largest selfie captured by Lumia 530 in Bangladesh

November 24, 2014 |

Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim carries the official tagline – ‘Made for Selfies’ and through this they have run a massive campaign to set a world record for the world’s largest selfie, taken by a mid-range Windows Read more […]Read More

AnselmoFanZero creates a watch that shoots laser

November 23, 2014 |

The watch that shoots laser in the James Bond movie is now a reality. A German inventor who goes by the name, AnselmoFanZero in Youtube (real name Patrick Priebe) has built a powerful LaserWatch which Read more […]Read More

Hands on Review: Walton Primo G5

November 21, 2014 | | One Comment

Walton is taking the entry and mid range Android market in Bangladesh by storm and is reflecting Samsung’s strategy of providing a device for each price point. They are also providing variety by offering Read more […]Read More