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| October 4, 2015

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The Human Cost of Cyber Crime

October 3, 2015 |

It probably started with Kevin Mitnick. No, he was not the first computer hacker. But he was the first to become an Internet, folk hero. He was a real life antihero who became a symbol of rebellion, fighting Read more […]Read More

You will now be able to post GIF in your Facebook profile pic

October 1, 2015 |

Facebook has just launched an array of new features for the profiles including the abilitiy to make the static profile photo a GIF or set the picture to change at a period in time. You will now be Read more […]Read More

Pixel C – Google has a hot new hybrid

September 30, 2015 |

The Pixel C (C for convertible) is a new product from Google’s Pixel team, the guys behind the awesome Chromebook Pixel. The device is a 10.2 inch tablet with a metal unibody just like the Chromebook Pixel’s. Read more […]Read More

Google announces Huawei Nexus 6P and LG Nexus 5X

September 29, 2015 |

Google finally takes the wraps off the new flagship devices for this year.  As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Google is announcing two new devices, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, the 6P made by Huawei whereas Read more […]Read More

Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P to be available for pre-order from 29th Sept.

September 28, 2015 |

This is a norm right now. Even before the devices get released, we tend to know how it will look like and even know the price. In the case for Nexus leaks, most of the times the information shared earlier Read more […]Read More

Preparing for the Worst

September 27, 2015 |

In a world where sixth sigma processes are the universal standard, the speed and reliability of communications are more important than ever. Technological downtime results in unsatisfied customers, and Read more […]Read More

Android smartphone from BlackBerry is coming

September 26, 2015 |

It seems that BlackBerry’s move to Android is now all officials. John Chen, CEO confirmed that the company will be launching an aAdroid smartphone with the rumored slide out keyboard. The phone, previously Read more […]Read More

Amazon wants to sell you 4 new tablets

September 18, 2015 |

Even though Amazon’s Fire Phone was one of the biggest tech flops of the past few years, the company has not put a halt to its hardware efforts. Today they announced four new entries to their Kindle Fire Read more […]Read More

Samsung announces Galaxy J2 for emerging markets

September 14, 2015 |

Samsung is one company who has been making lots of Android devices based on different consumer needs. While that may be true, in a price conscious market it is really tough to satisfy the users need. Read more […]Read More

OnePlus has a surprise for us

September 13, 2015 |

OnePlus has actually managed to keep itself busy this year. The self-proclaimed manufacturer behind the “flagship killer” of last year announced a neat little drone on April Fool’s day followed by the Read more […]Read More

Sony urges NOT to use the Xperia Z5 underwater

September 12, 2015 |

Xperia was known best for being waterproof and taking pictures under water. However, with the new Xperia Z5, Sony has changed its guidelines by mentioning ‘not to take the device under water, and if you Read more […]Read More

The New Apple iPad Pro Is An Expected Yet Confusing Move

September 11, 2015 | In case you were hiding under a rock, Apple just unveiled a new, larger iPad and aptly named it the iPad Pro as suggested by the countless rumors and leaks Read more […]Read More

5 “Must Knows” to Keep Your Content from Falling into Oblivion

September 9, 2015 |

You take your content writing seriously. You want it to spread. You write great content, in fact, using humor, providing entertainment, and giving readers really solid information and tips. But your analytics Read more […]Read More

Meet The All New Moto 360

September 4, 2015 |

If any smartwatch ever made a real statement it was Motorola’s Moto 360. At a time where the only products on the market had four corners, the Moto 360’s round body and display made people drool (including Read more […]Read More

Samsung Gear S2 With Rotating Bezel Official!

September 3, 2015 |

Samsung has been teasing their new smartwatch for a while now and today the company has finally taken the curtains off their new pair of Tizen based smartwatches. Yes you read correctly, pair, meaning Read more […]Read More

Android Wear Coming to iPhone

September 1, 2015 |

When the smartwatch industry came into being everyone was  excited about what it will bring for us. Over a year have passed and we still don’t see any real fruits of it even after Google announcing Read more […]Read More

LG’s all new gold smartwatch: Urbane Luxe

August 31, 2015 |

With smartwatches getting funkier day by day, LG joined the bandwagon by releasing their version, the LG Watch Urbane. To make it even more attractive and ‘expensive’, the smartwatch now comes wrapped Read more […]Read More

20 Year Old Creator of Notorious Android Malware Pleads Guilty

August 30, 2015 |

Dendroid, a malware for android, has recently become infamous for it extremely invasive abilities. The developer of the piece of software, Morgan Culbertson, was arrested a bit over a month ago in a massive Read more […]Read More

Walton Primo S4 Hands-On Review: Design is Key

August 29, 2015 |

We got the opportunity to take a look at a Walton smartphone before launch and here is what we thought about the device. The Walton Primo S4 is the newest addition to Walton’s ever growing smartphone lineup Read more […]Read More

Meet WileyFox – The company trying to compete with OnePlus

August 28, 2015 |

You might have seen this on the news, but you should know, a lot of tech startups are entering the smartphones industry with a lot of potential. Some may even kick off pretty well and be able to stay in Read more […]Read More