Drag and Drop with Castle.so without any hassle!


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I honestly never used any file-sharing sites due to all the procedures that everyone has to face but this particular one seemed a lot different. Castle.so is a file-sharing site where you can easily share your files with your friends by the simple technique that you and I would prefer, Drag and Drop. Yes, it’s just that simple. There will be no need to go and search your files from the ‘browse’ button! Saves a lot of time !

How does the drag and drop feature work ? Sign up for this service as it takes only 10 seconds to do so.  The picture below summarizes how it works.


After you drop your desired file, you can watch your upload in progress. Well, what the developers could do is also provide the time left for the upload to finish.

After the uploads done, the download page of the file that you uploaded will appear. If the file is a image file, it would also show a preview of it. You have the option of sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more and also view the stats about the uploaded file. Now when you want to share your file, you might not want to let others see the stats about your file. What to do then ? Simply remove the +s from the end of the URL.

Download by clicking the arrow sign!

The question, right now, that is buzzing through your mind is how much space does it allow to upload? According to their FAQ, the only limit that they put on us is the file size. If you do not want to sign up, your file must be up to 32MB in size and if you are a Castle account holder you can upload no more than 256MB.

With its great design interface, castle.so delivers a great service. As this is just the start, I am sure they would add more features in the coming days which would help the users more. For the moment, you would see the site is totally free of ads which makes it look clean. Hope it remains this way!

Happy uploading !


  1. Antonina says

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    Mushfique I loved your informative article on Drag and Drop with Castel.so without any hassle!. This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Eugene says

    Thanx for the interesting article! Now I'll use this site too.

    1. Mushfique says

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  6. [email protected] a boy says

    What a lovely design, but they're really stingy with file sizes!

    1. Mushfique says

      Good point! I guess within coming days they will upgrade it even more!

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