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| September 26, 2017

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[Leak] HTC ‘M8’ picture leaked ahead of its official launch date



HTC is set to release its new flagship phone codenamed M8 on March 25th in London and New York. Thanks to @evleaks, the serial leaker, we have managed to have a look at the leaked press render of the upcoming device. The phone would boast a 5-inch  1080p display with a Snapdragon 800 chipset inside and HTC would be introducing a new technology alongside the phone which should be quite interesting.

The HTC M8 would feature a new UltraPixel technology which will use two cameras at the back and a dual-LED true-tone flash. The phone will be available in 3 colors Silver, Grey and Gold. The All New HTC looks very similar to the original HTC one but with a huge upgrade in terms of functionality, specially the camera. These are still a rumor but are collected from highly reliable sources; the release if not exact would most likely be quite similar to this information.


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