Three new LG G Pad tablets announced


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LG has recently announced three new tablets in the G Pad tablet range: LG G Pad 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1

Although no details have been revealed yet, LG would further elucidate about the tablets in the MedPL 2014 event which will take place between 13th to 16th of May.

According to the President and CEO of LG, Dr. Jong Seok Park, he stated that the customers actually want different size of products without compromising portability. Unlike smartphones, tablets have different sizes for different target markets.

Some might lean towards a small tablet, for them the G Pad 7.0 is the right choice whereas some might want a large one where the G Pad 10.1 would be the best solution.


Although we don’t have any concrete information on the specs yet, the overall design language of the tabs looks quite similar to the already released LG Nexus 5.


Also, the new tabs will be coming with LG’s new UX user interface and LG KnockCode where the users would be able to switch on the tablet from sleep by just tapping the screen.

Since we don’t have much information regarding these tablets yet, we will surely update you as soon as we get the full specs and actual release date.

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