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| September 20, 2017

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New Update of Google Translate App Allows Real-time Translation

New Update of Google Translate App Allows Real-time Translation

After Skype, it’s turn for Google now to introduce real-time translations for their users. They are planning to release an update for their Google Translate app for mobile phones, which will allow users to enjoy real-time, voice to text translation for a few languages.

The current version is capable of translating text to text and the service is available for about eighty languages. But to avail the service, you have to choose the language you are translating to/from. But after the latest update, the app will automatically be able to recognize the language you are talking in, and will translate it on its own.


Excited? So are we. However, users may have to wait a little more to enjoy this update, since Google did not exactly reveal the date of the update, but have only mentioned that it will happen ‘soon’.

This is not entirely new news. Back in 2013, Google had announced of working on a similar technology, but had declared that it would take a long time to perfect the service for all languages. However, according to them, some pairs of languages, English-Portuguese to name one, were working alright.

Many are now speculating if the service can be relied upon, because while they have been working on providing real-time translation to users for such a long time period, Microsoft has already introduced it through Skype in December 2014.

Will Google be able to steal the show with this update? Only time will tell.


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