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| October 21, 2014

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9 Best iPhone Apps for Newbie Photographers

  • On January 14, 2012
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Photography has grown by leaps and bounds since the first patented camera was introduced in the 1800s. Gone are the days when cameras won’t work without films and batteries – fast forward to 2011, even the most basic handheld devices has a camera and boast high quality imaging functions.

Android phones particularly the popular Apple iPhones are also known for having high quality imaging and there’s no better way to complement that than with iPhone photography apps.

For that reason, here are 9 of the best iPhone apps for newbie photographers.


iPhone Apps Adobe Photoshop Express

iPhone Apps

The Adobe Photoshop Express is basically the entire Adobe Photoshop software stored in your iPhone. Adobe Photoshop is known as one of the pillars of imaging technology and having it on your iPhone is imperative for newbie and experienced photographers.

iPhone Apps Photogene

iPhone Apps

For only $1.99, you can enjoy the benefits of professional photo editing with the Photogene iPhone app. Photogene allows you to resize your photos by cropping and rotating at the same time change the style their styles by adjusting the colors and brightness.

iPhone Apps Nikon Learn and Explore

iPhone Apps

Nikon Learn and Explore is an iPhone app that teaches new photographers on the block with basic photography techniques, strategies and tips. The Nikon Learn and Explore iPhone app is ideal for those who are just learning the ropes of photography.

iPhone Apps Pro Camera

iPhone Apps

Pro Camera utilizes some of the latest technologies in imaging and photography in order to capture better photographs and fun photography experiences. With Pro Camera, capturing quality photographs, editing it to perfection and sharing it to your friends and family has never been this easy.

iPhone Apps Dynamic Light

iPhone Apps

This great iPhone app allows you to avail of the best and most vibrant HDR-like look on mobile platforms. Dynamic Light allows you to add a creative touch to your photos. It enables you to change the look and feel of your photos.

iPhone Apps PhotoArtista Oil

iPhone Apps

PhotoArtista Oil introduces one of the most revolutionary iPhone apps of today. Unlike most iPhone apps in this list, PhotoArtista Oil isn’t just about merely editing your photos. PhotoArtista Oil helps you turn your photographs to artistic masterpieces.

iPhone Apps Auto Adjust

iPhone Apps

Auto Adjust is an easy-to-use application that provides you with some of the most basic tools which you can use to edit and make small adjustments with your photographs.

iPhone Apps Focal Ware

iPhone Apps

For a little less than $5, you can download Focal Ware at the app store. Basically, Focal Ware is an iPhone application that helps you improve lighting in your photographs by notifying you the best angles and positions to take photographs.

iPhone Apps Picture Effect Magic

iPhone Apps

From the name itself, Picture Effect Magic does one thing – put effects in your pictures. With Picture Effect Magic, you can turn your photographs into art pieces and customize them whatever way you want.

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  • Will

    Dynamic Light is by far my favourite app on my iPhone, definetly worth the $0.99

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  • Gadgets NewsLine

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  • Tami

    OK – since I too am an iPhone junky (and takes pictures of anything that doesn't bite…well even some of these) please check these out.

    Photosynth (panoramic pics)

    Batch (lets you share multiple pictures at once on Facebook and Twitter)

    Fotoyaki (change backgrounds etc. Don't personally use this one, but the kids/fiance love it)

    iMovie (does what the Mac does in making movies iPhone 4 and better)

    PS Express (like Photoshop on the computer, just for iPhone)