Get Jobs or Money Back in Udacity Nanodegree Plus Program


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Want to do a programming course to ensure your future career? Not sure where to do so or which will guarantee that your money isn’t going to waste? Well, one of the popular massive open online course platforms, udacity has it covered for you! They are promising that you will get a job in 6 months and if not you’ll get back the money you spent on the course.

On Wednesday, Udacity announced their new nano degree plus program. It promises that if you don’t land a job within the six months of graduation, you can have your money back.


That is a very strong promise for an online class platform. Also, the Nanodegree Plus doesn’t come cheap as it will require the student to pay $299 per month. This new program will be offered side by side their free class offering as well as their $199 Nanodegree program. The latter one already offers a 50 percent refund based on completion of the course.
For now, though, Udacity is limiting this Plus program with refund option to four programming development course: Android Developer, iOS developer, Machine Learning Engineer and Senior Web Developer. This also includes Udacity’s Career concierge program and custom job preparation. Udacity said that they have plans to expand this Nanodegree Plus program in the future to more courses.
For those who thinks, you need a change in the career this new program can be a step towards a different path. You will not only get the opportunity to learn something new but also to get yourself land a job and even if not, you will get out learning something without costing a single money.

  1. Placid says

    Is it applicable for programmers living in Bangladesh?

    1. Mushfiqur says

      Of course!

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