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| October 17, 2017

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LG G6 to be unveiled on February 26th

LG G6 to be unveiled on February 26th

LG will be one of many companies at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year who are set to unveil their latest flagship device. The G6 was previously just rumored. But now, the Korean company has actually set itself a date for the unveiling. The is set to have a 5.7 inch Quad HD display. It will have a rather unorthodox proportion of 2:1. However, what’s should stand out is the front bezels, or how slim they are, thereof. The screen to bezel ratio is said to be more than 90 percent. Meaning, that sharp tacky display and nothing. That’s good news. We previously saw Xaiomi come out with their near bezel less design and it was amazing. If LG’s panel is just as good, it would be a key feature of the phone.

The rear of the phone should sport a dual lens camera module. That very camera module is set to house an iris sensor. Needless to say at this point, there will also be a finger-print sensor. However, as weird as it may seem, there is a need to say that it will have a headphone jack. phew…

The phone will be all metal. LG plans to really give out the premium vibes this time as last time around, their modular concept and the plastic build that came with it, didn’t go so well. But “premium build” is synonymous with “non-removable batter”, so there’s that.


That’s all we know at the moment and thanks to The Verge for that.

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