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| October 17, 2017

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1 Like= 1$ for the person on the deathbed becoming reality in Facebook?

Facebook donations

If you are one of those persons, who liked and shared countless posts of someone on a deathbed, thinking Facebook will donate few bucks for those shares and likes, then you have been in a misconception. However, Facebook has actually taken an initiative to help the people. Facebook has rolled out a new feature called personal fundraiser for helping you if you are in need of money. This feature will allow people to ask people for charity from their friend networks if they need.
This feature is only available in the US for now but slowly it may expand to other countries also. To avoid misuse of this feature Facebook has selected six categories to ask charitable donations.

Facebook donations

These six categories are-

  • Education, which might help one pay tuition fees or buy books
  • Medicals, which may actually save a person who is in need of money
  • Pet Medical because who doesn’t know that some people love pets more than anything\
  • Crisis Relief such as public crises or natural disasters
  • Funeral and Loss such as burial expenses and other rituals
    Personal Emergency like house fire or unwanted accidents

Facebook donations

If anyone wants, he will be able to donate money by going to the event page as it’ll have a donate button. One can also donate from the donate option if anyone goes live from the event.
This is a nice initiative from Facebook as it is trying to do something for the society but if it would have done that without adding story mode or such weird options Facebook would certainly get two more claps.


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