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| June 3, 2015

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Five Great iPad Apps to Replace PowerPoint

Five Great iPad Apps to Replace PowerPoint
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February 5 is the beginning of “just say no to PowerPoint week.” If you work with techno-enthusiasts who plan to observe the holiday, you might need to get your iPad ready with some other options. In the process, you might even discover that some apps that are better than PowerPoint. Here are the top five iPad apps that can serve as PowerPoint alternatives.



Technology Keynote


It’s no surprise that Apple offers its own alternative to PowerPoint. Keynote, also available on the Mac, is a fully featured presenting tool that makes PowerPoint look like it was last updated in 2004. You’ll find that the transitions are much smoother and better looking than PowerPoint.  There are also some very well-designed templates included, though it would be nice to see more. One drawback—you’ll either need to edit them on your iPad or buy a Mac.

Technology  Prezi


Prezi is a completely different way of thinking about presentations. Rather than creating individual slides, you use a large canvas with nearly infinite zooming abilities. Your “slides” appear as the screen zooms in and out of the static image you created. The system works well and it’s a great chance to show off that you were smart enough to find a completely new way to show presentations. Best of all, Prezi is free.

Technology Presentation Link

Presentation Link

This app can do what you would expect of a typical presentation tool, including working with images, video, and sound. The best feature of this app is that you can add hyperlinks to individual buttons or text. In other words, you no longer have to move through slides sequentially. This tool is perfect for sales presentations or educational diagrams.

Technology Presentation



Presentation is mainly designed for sales teams and provides a number of pre-designed templates. The app lacks some features and the ability to customize your layout, but it is an excellent way to create presentations quickly and simply. It can also be used to create flyers, greeting cards, or other promotional materials.

Technology Conference Pad

Conference Pad

This app has a very severe limitation along with an impressive feature. The limitation is that you can only show a PDF. That’s right—no transitions, exciting animations, or graphs that build. However, the feature that nearly makes up for it is that you can wirelessly control up to 15 other iOS devices running Conference Pad. If you hold your finger on the screen, a laser pointer appears, both on your iPad and on all of the connected screens. Still, there is a significant drawback. All viewers have to have an iOS device with Conference Pad installed. At $4.99, that might be a tough sell to everyone at your next meeting.

Have you tried out any of these apps? What other Powerpoint alternatives have you tried out lately? Let us know in the comments.

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