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| September 24, 2017

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A view of a Shooting Star from Space

A view of a Shooting Star from Space
  • On August 17, 2011

Col. Ronan Garan Jr. is an astronaut who is currently stationed in the International Space Station from where he has been posting images in twitter showing how earth looks from space! Everyday he keeps on posting amazing new pictures but this particular picture is the best of the lot.

This picture was taken during the Perseids Meteor shower and according to Discover magazine, the ISS was above the China/Mongolian border.

If you are on twitter, you definitely should follow Ron Garan. This picture was posted in August 15th and currently he has some more pictures in his profile.

To make things easier for you I am listing down some of the pictures that has been attached by him. Worth seeing!




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  1. Wow the shooting stars looks cool !

    • Yes indeed !! You should follow Col Ronan in twitter and see more exciting pictures from space!

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