Add Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to your Google+


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With the addition of Google Plus to the social network, it has become somewhat a hassle for the users to use all of the services at the same time. Luckily, Gooce Plus,an extension developed by an Italian Company called CMIP, is here to save our valuable time and energy.

With its features you can easily see your Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter wall on your Google Plus stream. After installing it, all it does is adds the three icons beside your Games tab. After linking your accounts you can start viewing your News feed for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Google plus
Before the Extension
After the extension

Features :

  • Facebook- You can  ‘like’ the posts in your Newsfeed, add comments to your friend’s posts and post your status update. There is however a limitation, as this extension is new you cannot go and view your friends’ Facebook profile in Google Plus and post in their wall. It would just redirect you to your facebook homepage.
  • Twitter- You can only view recent Tweets from your Timeline
  • Linkedin- You can see the updates from your friends and also post your network update.
                                                                                                                                              Gooce+ Twitter    Gooce+ Facebook

The developers promise for new updates one of which adding new tweets in Twitter is at the top.

Now with this plugin we do not expect them to drag all the features of all the networks in one place but they did indeed integrate the most important ones. No one would actually use their facebook,twitter or Linkedin profiles from here but they could view all the updates from here. This just allows the Google Plus lovers to spend more time in their profile.


There is nothing to be scared about ! Just letting you know it is safe to download it. This plugin is found in the Official Chrome Webstore and the developers are Verified Author. Before downloading any plugins, it is best to check out the ratings and reviews.

Till now they have received a 4 star out of 5 and is used by approx 543 users. This plugin can be used in both Mozilla Firefox and of course Google Chrome. 

Save your time and add the plugin now!

Click here to go to Chrome Webstore


  1. apexseo says

    who can keep up with all this social sites

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  5. vicky sadhu says

    I’m using that too, and I find it extremely useful! this very tool one!!

  6. Nasif says

    All in one social network !!! Cool

    1. Mushfique says

      If you have google plus, this is a must-install ! Cool indeed !

  7. Alessia says

    I'm using that too, and I find it extremely useful!

    1. Mushfique says

      Great ! I am sure it saves a lot of time for you !

  8. Zahin says

    This seems to be a convenient addition! Good share!

    1. Bashir says

      Very good Plugin. I like it

      1. Mushfique says

        Indeed ! Enjoying it 🙂 But it needs to get updated too!

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