How about an iPhone with diamonds and dinosaur bones ?


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  • Want an expensive iPhone with diamonds and dinosaur bones to show off ? It’s not bad to show off as you would be the centre of attraction in a crowd when everyone would notice your shiny and glittery mobile phone. Here are the list of those expensive iPhone sets that you can buy ! If you are thinking these are within the range of $900-$2000, think again.

These iPhones are specially designed by Stuart Hughes and the main attraction is the body of the mobile sets. Yes, that same man who had made the £5,000,000 iPad 2. It would make you wonder how he possibly could make all these.

iPhone 4 History Edition



What does this phone have ?
> Apple logo made of diamonds and platinum
> Rear section has a 65 million year old T-Rex tooth
> Meteoric Stone added

Price- £39,995.00 ($63860.33)


iPhone 4 Diamond Rose


What does this phone have ?
>  500 diamonds over 100 CT
>  Apple Logo made from gold and 53 diamonds
> It also has a chest which holds this set made from a single block of granite

Price- £5,000,000 ($7983538.96)


iPhone 4 Diamond Queen edition


What does this phone have ?
>  Surrounding frame has 7.8ct of diamonds
>  Platinum Apple Logo with .53ct of diamonds

Price-  £18,995 ($30329.46)


iPhone 4G 24ct solid gold

What does this phone have ?
>  Enough with diamonds, this contains solid gold of 150 gms of 24ct
>  32 Gb phone

Price-   £21,995 ($35119.59)

Great prices isn’t it ? Wonder what Stuart Hughes would make the upcoming iPhone 5 into!

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  2. cheap video games uk says

    very interesting views, ill be bookmarking and coming back soon!

  3. Hasan says

    I like it. I have if want to buy those iphone !


  4. Ryan | Foniacs says

    Wow! Those are some eccentric decorations just for a mobile phone, i could imagine only the vain would try and get them 🙂 but still if your not that rich you can still get the same as them.

  5. Lauren says

    lol this is hilarious. who would actually buy this???

    1. Nasif says

      Bill Gates or Barack Obama !

      1. Mushfique says

        I guess Steve Hughes would just give it Barack Obama as a gift 😛 personal reasons!

  6. Dylan says

    Wow, the world never stops to baffle me- nice share!

  7. Nasif says

    I have to sell my house and every property I have if want to buy those iphone !

    1. Mushfique says

      Lol ! Well said !

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