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| September 21, 2017

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How to get access to your Gmail without internet connection

Here is another great app for Gmail on Google Chrome which might seem useless to many considering the fact that everyone has internet access most of the time. But what if there is an outage or some sort of disruption to your network ? You never know when the internet technology can go down. You have an important mail in your Gmail account but cannot access it and need it urgently. What to do then ? If something happens of this sort, we can’t access the internet at all, let alone read the mail that is needed. I personally have faced such situation when I needed an important phone number and luckily due to this app, I could gain access to my archived inbox and found the number I needed.

This great app, the Offline Google Mail, allows the user to read all the messages in the inbox without any internet access. What the app does is that it automatically synchronizes all the messages in the inbox and saves it for the later use. If you lose your connection and have something important to check in your mail in Gmail, this app will help you get them. It has a clean interface and looks simple and has the iPad feel. The design, according to the developers, is based off the popular tablet interface.

This app is in its beta stage and will be released soon. To me, it totally seems to be the full version as it works perfect.

However, it lacks one thing which is keyboard short-cuts. But do you think this would be necessary when you would actually need it ?

Apart from using it when offline, you can send messages from this app and don’t have to go all the way to your Gmail account. Well, of course if you love the new Gmail theme, then you wouldn’t love sending your messages from here . If you do not care about the theme, sending messages from here sure does save your time.

How do you install it ?

 Download the app here.

 After downloading, open a new tab in Google Chrome and make sure you click the blue Gmail logo to initiate its synchronisation.

 Once it’s complete, disconnect your internet connection to check if it works.

Your all done!

Hope this app comes in handy 🙂

About Md Mushfiqur Rahman

Mushfiqur is the founder of and loves to keep himself constantly updated with the tech happenings around the world and spends his time investigating the next generation of technology. When he's not in the digital space, he loves reading conspiracy theories trying to figure about the Illuminati and tries to connect the dots with world events. Connect with him on Google+


  1. thanks for this mate, was aware of gtalk but not of this at all

  2. Sounds like a great app indeed and very useful. But I'm wondering if it will also show new messages when you don't have an internet connection? If so, it will be a great app for traveling. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Sofia 🙂

      Well, it actually wont show any new messages if you do not have a connection. When you are already connected it saves all the messages. So once you do not have any connection, you can view those messages saved !

  3. It looks great that we can access Gmail without an internet connection. Thanks

    • Yes Rakesh! It does help a lot ! Hope it helps you too 🙂

  4. plaban

    Thanks for the share. I'm going to test it.

    • Your welcome Plaban! :)…Thanks for commenting!

  5. Brad

    This looks superb 😀 awesome share!!!

    • Thanks Brad ! Hope this app helps you!

  6. Lol after a long time Google implented Offline Gmail !

    • They sure did take a long time 😛

  7. Too bad that i hadn't found this before i've start using Mozilla Thunderbird. Is very nice that they are developing such tools.

  8. Wow So nice & informative post, this is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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