How to Get the New Facebook Timeline


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So you thought you would get the new profile only if you’re a developer ? Not exactly. Facebook would be changing all the profiles to the new timeline gradually but  if you want it bad, then follow these simple steps and get the new Timeline profile now!

Go to your profile

 Write ‘ Developers ‘ in the search box or just go directly here.

 Click Create New App

Write down anything in the Display Name and Namespace. Namespace should contain seven characters and only lowercase.

Write down the security code and Enter

 Click Open-Graph at your right side bar

Fill out the ‘ People can ____a_____’ with two verbs
Save your time and write ‘Watch a Movie’. Click Get Started

 There are three steps, scroll down and click Save Changes‘ two times for two of the steps and then finally click ‘Save and Finish’

Go to your profile

There you have your new New Facebook Timeline! 😀


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  2. […] Just click Auto-Fix to let the app do the job itself. Atleast we don’t get these options in Facebook while creating pages there but I am pretty sure, they will start providing such feature […]

  3. Z says

    looks odd, but thanks for the heads up!

    1. Mushfique says

      Your Welcome 🙂

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