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| September 22, 2017

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Add Intense Debate to your blogger blog

Another tip for the blogger users.

Ever thought of having those ‘wordpress’ type of comment box in your blogger ? Tired of having the simple blogger comment box ? Want to make your site look elegant ? Easy for readers to read and then comment ? If all the answers are yes, then its time to add ‘intensedebate’ to your blog!

Most importantly, it allows you to activate ‘comluv’ which lets you increase traffic to your blog.

Follow these simple steps to install IntenseDebate.
  • Create your account.
  • Choose widget installation or install it right to the template. If you do not want any trouble, widget is for you but installing right to the template is preferred.
—-Skip this if you understood the instructions given in the site—-
  • The first option you will get is whether you want it in all posts or on all blog posts. It is recommended you click the first option, because when I tried the second option I lost all my previous comments! But if you have just started blogging, I guess the second option is just fine for you.
  • Go to your blogger account and then click design
  • Click ‘Edit HTML’
  • Download the full template
  • After downloading, upload it in intensedebate (refer to the pic)
  • After intensedebate uploads your file it will take you to the third and the final step.
  • This step requires you to simply cut the code that will be provided and then paste it in your ‘Edit HTML’
  • Save the template
You have intensedebated your blogger blog 🙂

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Mushfiqur is the founder of and loves to keep himself constantly updated with the tech happenings around the world and spends his time investigating the next generation of technology. When he's not in the digital space, he loves reading conspiracy theories trying to figure about the Illuminati and tries to connect the dots with world events. Connect with him on Google+


  1. abhilash

    very useful tutorial, love your way to posting information

    keep posting

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