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| June 23, 2017

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A college student who loves tech.A master of procrastination and possess the talent to binge watch big bang theory or friends. A noob at using photoshop and illustator and plays rocket league all the time.

Posts By Masrur

Top 5 Tech Gifts for Eid

June 21, 2017 |

The festival of happy faces, joy and buying new things has come. You buy many things for yourself, your family and lot of gifts for people around you. This year, why not gift people some tech products? Read more […]Read More

Samsung to manufacture TVs, ACs & Refrigerators in Bangladesh

June 17, 2017 |

Bangladesh being a developing country has an increasing demand for tech. Currently, it is one of the most prominent market for product makers. To utilize this opportunity completely and make products cheaper Read more […]Read More

Barikoi: Your address made easy

June 16, 2017 |

If you are someone who is tired of writing your 3 page(read lines) address and wonder if you could just tell your address as fast as possible then this app is the perfect app for you. What this app does Read more […]Read More

WWDC 2017: Everything Apple announced

June 5, 2017 |

World Wide Developer Conference is the show where Apple announces a lot of new things the company will release. A few hours back Apple CEO Tim Cook announced about this year’s new ‘things’. Here are the Read more […]Read More

OnePlus 5: What to expect

June 4, 2017 |

After the massive success of Oneplus 3 and 3T, the new flagship from the company is expected to launch in the late June or early July. The company has already teased few specs of this smartphone like the Read more […]Read More

Chicken Scream: A perfect pastime game

June 3, 2017 |

If you are bored playing games with same old concept that you control a character or an object using the touchscreen or motion sensor of your smartphones, then chicken scream is the game you need to play. Read more […]Read More

5 best Android Apps for Wallpaper

May 29, 2017 |

The most underrated yet one of the most powerful aspect of software customizations in smartphones is probably the wallpaper. A huge number of users do not even change the default wallpaper, which came Read more […]Read More

9 Best Mother’s day Tech-Gifts

May 14, 2017 |

With the surge of technology around the globe, our mothers are also catching up with the trends. They are much more tech-savvy then before. We should also help then coping up with the trends. This Mother’s Read more […]Read More