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| October 17, 2017

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AboutRajiv Ashrafi -

Rajiv Ashrafi

Rajiv Ashrafi

Rajiv Ashrafi is a tech geek from the backwaters of the world who also loves literature, heavy metal, and cats—not in any particular order. He is particularly passionate about innovative designs and exciting new ideas that push the boundaries for humanity. Besides that, you will find him ranting and rambling about the moral quandaries of biscuits, among other things. Connect with him on Google+

Posts By Rajiv Ashrafi

CD Projekt: No Cyberpunk till 2017

May 30, 2015 |

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been wowing critics and gamers alike. Not only is it enjoying critical success, it’s doing well financially too. The game has sold over 1.3 million units on pre-orders alone, Read more […]Read More

Sony and LG tablets to come with Microsoft apps preinstalled

May 28, 2015 |

Microsoft continues its bid for domination on the Android platform by announcing that its apps will come preinstalled in Sony and LG tablets. Yes, you can expect Onedrive, Skype, and Office apps right Read more […]Read More

Bionic eyes coming soon to an optometrist near you

May 23, 2015 |

From the future-tech-to-definitely-try-out department comes word that we may soon get a bionic eye that offers “three times better than 20/20 [vision]” for life. Yes, you read that right. An optometrist Read more […]Read More

New NFS game is an Underground reboot!

May 22, 2015 | Yes, yes, and yes: there’s a new NFS game coming, and it’s a reboot of Underground! The upcoming game will be a “full reboot” of the franchise and will go back to Read more […]Read More

LG shows off amazing ‘wallpaper’ OLED display

May 21, 2015 | | One Comment

Display technology has been getting better and better, but this is just amazing: LG showed off a 55-inch OLED panel that weighs just 1.9 KG (4lbs) and is 0.97mm thick. Let that sink in for a bit. The Read more […]Read More

Sharp’s Aquos Xx brings bezel-less design to top-end market

May 20, 2015 |

Sharp is wowing everyone again with a new bezel-less device. Unlike the Aquos Crystal, this new phone is a flagship model. Dubbed the Aquos Xx, the phone features a 5.7 inch full HD display, 3GB RAM, Snapdragon Read more […]Read More

Facebook bringing games to Messenger platform

May 19, 2015 |

You might soon be able to play games with your friends right inside Messenger. Facebook has confirmed that it’s talking with developers on ways to integrate games into its burgeoning chat platform. They Read more […]Read More

Robi and Facebook launches free internet in Bangladesh

May 12, 2015 |

The dream is real: free Internet has come to Bangladesh!, Mark Zuckerberg’s project to connect people to the Internet in developing nations, has launched in Bangladesh, courtesy of Robi Read more […]Read More