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| September 22, 2017

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AboutZaki Farhan -

Zaki Farhan

Zaki Farhan

During the day time, Zaki Farhan is an accountant working for a local real estate company. Come nightfall, he equips himself with a mouse, a keyboard, a set of hungry eyes, and dives into the ever-changing world of technology and electronics, sharing any interesting and eye-catching information with fellow tech-enthusiasts.

Posts By Zaki Farhan

One word, two syllables: 4K; the crown jewel of CES 2014

January 24, 2014 |

Television has advanced at a phenomenal rate since its debut, and no one could argue that it failed to live up to its promise of “bring the world right at your living room”. Many of us have been lucky Read more […]Read More

Android to Humanoid? A look at what Google might be up to next

January 8, 2014 |

Google. It is the single most famous name in the tech world, right there along with Microsoft and Apple. Google is tasked with the burden of facilitating the evolution of mankind, and thus, the general Read more […]Read More