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| April 20, 2014

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7 Apps To Help You Beat the Boredom

October 12, 2013 |

You may have heard the story that was making the rounds a couple of weeks ago about the US Senator John McCain being caught on his iPhone playing mobile Poker during an extremely important debate. Causing Read more [...]Read More

Great Apps to Make an Android Phone Awesome

September 9, 2013 |

When you get a brand new Android phone, you will have a number of apps to install on your gadget. To make your Android device truly awesome, you will need to install some great apps that can be helpful Read more [...]Read More

10 Apps Every Sports Fan Needs

August 27, 2013 | 1

Mobile apps these days come for just about anything, from organization and basic functions, to social networking, to entertainment. Whatever your interest or hobby, it seems there’s an app that can help Read more [...]Read More

App Review: Transit for Android

August 6, 2013 | 1

I’ll be honest. I have not heard of Transit until this morning. It has been out on iOS for quite some time and it just got out on Android. Maybe that’s the reason I never came across it.. But boy was Read more [...]Read More

Illustrator/Photoshop vs Inkscape/GIMP: Playing the Devil’s Advocate

July 18, 2013 | 3

Open source hipsters have a million arguments when it comes to using open source software, and these are the common arguments: It’s free! Would you rather pay $400 when you can get the job done Read more [...]Read More

3 Great Project Management Apps For Your Small Business

May 25, 2013 |

For a business to be profitable, project management plays a crucial role and the outcome of the business project is heavily dependant on how it’s planned and initiated. In short, project management means Read more [...]Read More

Google Hangouts – The IM Unification

May 19, 2013 |

About eight years ago, Google released Google Talk, a desktop messenger application to communicate between their gmail users. I picked it up though the expansion of the user base (and the size of my contact Read more [...]Read More

Five Of The Best Energy Efficiency Apps For Your Home

May 15, 2013 |

Tightening the purse strings is something many families are facing these days, but so many people fail to begin the process in one of the areas where it may be easiest: energy usage and efficiency. By Read more [...]Read More