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| October 17, 2017

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Rankstel launches 1 Gbps internet in Bangladesh. First and Fastest.

January 10, 2017 |

On the 8th of January, in a Gala event at Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden Hotel, telecom company Rankstel have made a major new announcement. They are unveiling 1Gbps internet facility for the mass people. Read more […]Read More

Internet may be temporarily disrupted in Bangladesh for a week

October 20, 2016 |

Due to maintenance work that needs to be carried out, internet may be temporarily “disrupted” in the country for up to 7 days from 21st October to 27th October, 2016. The maintenance work is surrounded Read more […]Read More

Sri Lanka to receive internet broadcasting balloons- Project Loon

July 31, 2015 |

Sri Lankan officials have announced a deal with the search engine giant, Google to be one of the first countries in Asia to benefit from the balloon-based internet access aka Project Loon. If you don’t Read more […]Read More

Project Maelstrom enters beta: lets you torrent websites

April 12, 2015 |

Ever wondered how web browsing would be if it used torrent technology? Well, wonder no more: BitTorrent’s Project Maelstrom, which uses peer-to-peer technology to host websites, has gone into beta. The Read more […]Read More

The Brain of the Internet: How data centers keep the cloud running [Infographic]

December 6, 2014 |

Have you ever wondered how all the viral videos, gifs, memes that you watch everyday are stored? Most importantly, where they are stored before they are delivered to our computer screen? The answer: Data Read more […]Read More

13 Reasons why internet is good for you [Infographic]

July 16, 2014 |

Gone are the days when people used to interact in meatspace rather than cyberspace. Internet has become such an important part of our lives that we might compare its necessity to oxygen. With internet Read more […]Read More

Internet: The Modern Merlin

August 4, 2013 |

We can surely say one thing now that the constant exposure to information has fundamentally changed the way of communication and doing business. The rise of smart phones and social media engagement just Read more […]Read More

How to Save Money on Home Internet Service

April 28, 2013 |

There are many ways to save money on home internet service that consumers may not be aware of and these methods can add up to real savings. Home internet can get quite expensive depending on the area that Read more […]Read More