Welcome to Techetron !

Hello world! Welcome to my blog, Techetron. As this is the first post, I would like to tell you what Techetron will all be about! Let me guess, you have already understood. Techetron will focus on all the tech-stuff going around the world, not only technology but also interesting things that I find worth sharing.

  • Tech news
  • Blogging tips
  • Top 10
  • Game News
  • Software/Hardware reviews
  • and many more to share with you all.


After months of pondering about whether to start another blog, I have finally decided that it would be worth it. I got the domain name, the hosting account and of course, WordPress. One of my main intentions of starting a new blog was to fiddle with wordpress. My previous blog, Blogetron, is hosted by Blogger but I never got the freedom of doing whatever I wished for. As they have control of your site, you never know when they would go down and you would lose everything instantly. After all the planning and researching, Techetron came into being.

Looking forward to an awesome journey with you all in the blogosphere with Techetron!

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