iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII Drop Test

By now, I guess most of you have already watched this shocking (to me) video where they carry out the ‘drop test’ between iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy. Those of you who did not, AND do not either of it, brace yourselves. You won’t like what you are going to watch in a moment. The people carrying out the test make the phones look very cheap indeed. You would notice, they carry out the 3 tests for each phone. This means, they used 3 iPhones and 3 Galaxy S II equals 6 phones worth more than thousand of dollars.

Anyway, apart from complaining about what they have done, the video does give us an useful insight on such worst case scenarios that we can face any moment! It shows us clearly which phone would withstand after it has a hard impact. I was surprised to see the iPhone getting into a very bad shape whereas the Galaxy survived three of tests with a bit of scratch on the side. Thanks to the Gorilla Glass, Galaxy’s screen did not have a single scratch, let alone have the screen shattered.

Hope Apple considers making the screen plastic instead of glass the next time they come up with a new iPhone !

Enjoy the video!! 😛

by Mushfique

  1. I would not want to test your iphone. But still an interesting test and post too. Showed a video of my wife, she tests almost every day.

  2. Wow! don't try this at home :). Anyway, you should take care of your phone and not bump it around. galaxy and iphone are not rugged devices.

  3. Yep yep, my sister uses a galaxy and it dropped quite a lot of times, still surviving without a scratch, whereas i have all my iphone user friends shattering their phone screens every now and then they drop it somewhere even on a carpet floor 😮

  4. Wow, so good very interesting post, this is good provable who is strong phone post about 'iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII Drop Test' this is a very strong test. i like it.

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