5 New and Updated iPhone 5S Features to Look Out For

Last Tuesday, Apple finally unveiled the next lineup of the iPhones, iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C which will be hitting the stores this Friday. The iPhone 5C is what gained the most attention as it snaps the tradition line of Apple smartphone devices coming in  unapologetically plastic’material in an array of colors: pink, blue, black, green and yellow. The iPhone 5S on the other hand is the latest flagship phone and it does have a great features embedded in it which makes it a better option than the 5C. The iPhone 5C was speculated to be cheap however with a price tag of $549 for the unlocked version, it is not. The 5S costs hundred dollars more, so the question is if you are looking forward to upgrade or get a new iPhone should you spend $100 more to get the latest flagship device?

Here we have listed out some great features of the iPhone 5S to help you out.

A7 and M7 Chip

A7 Chip

The iPhone 5S is powered by the A7 chip which is the first and, for the time-being, the only 64-bit smartphone in teh world. It is said to be twice as fast than the predecessor, iPhone 5. For the foreseeable future though – that will remain a marketing gimmick and not one that provides substantial value to customers. Apple promises to the customers that the A7 will provide greater CPU and graphics performance. To demonstrate the power of the A7, Epic Games showcased their new game for the iPhone 5S where the graphics were fantastic.


Joining the A7, is M7 which in Apple’s words is a ‘sidekick’ for the A7. The M7 concentrates on measuring the motion data from the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. In simple words, keeping A7 free from such applications so that it can be used for other purposes and thus saving battery life.

Touch ID

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is the differentiating factor from all other smartphones till now and has pushed the biometric security to a whole new level. Instead of using PIN code or patterns to lock your phone, you can now safely lock and unlock your device with the touch of your finger. In days where privacy is becoming a big issue after all the NSA hassle, many of the users might think that the fingerprints will be sent back to the servers in Cupertino and who knows,it might be passed on to the NSA. Apple has confirmed that the fingerprints will never be stored on its servers and the data will only be stored in the A7 chip.

But what if someone cuts of your finger and uses it to unlock the phone? The biometric experts have revealed that in order for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to work, it would use radio frequency to scan and detect the sub-epidermal layers of the skin which would require the finger to be attached to the user.

The fingerprint sensor would also enable the user to make purchases of apps via iTunes!



The megapixel remains the same in the iPhone 5S but it has received great upgrades. With a 8-Megapixel camera users will be able to get better and sharp images with dual element flash feature. Among other upgrades, there’s a f/2.2 aperture, larger pixels which measures 1.5 micros across and a 15% larger sensor. The front facing camera will now be able to capture 1080p video recordings whereas the previous iPhone 5 had a 720p one.

Users would also be able to videotape in slow-motion which the users would find interesting.

The True Tone Flash on the iPhone 5S works like a charm. According to Apple, both the white LED and the amber LED work together with intelligent algorithms to adjust the flash and color temperature to bring out THE BEST photo.

iOS 7

iOS 7

There was a lot of hype regarding how Jony Ive would design the visuals of the iOS 7. As we have seen in the new iOS 7 we’re treated to more flatness and more color which is a radical change for a mobile OS which hasn’t changed in a long time. So what’s great about iOS 7? There’s multitasking with previews, unlimited tabs in the browser, new ringtones, very Android-like Control Center and more. With all that, the iPhone becomes an even better business phone, media device, and all-around life manager.

The upgraded mobile operating system would be available to all from September 18th. Good thing it would come pre-loaded in both iPhone 5S and the 5C.

Different Color Options

iPhone normally used to come in either black or white but this time for the iPhone 5S, Apple has introduced three different color options, space gray, silver and gold. Those of you who had always dreamed of owning a gold iPhone, here it is but don’t get all hyped up! It’s not real gold. Just a color.

So here are the features of the latest iPhone 5S. Will you be buying one? Share your views in the comment box below.


      1. Love it! Especially the thumbprint sensor – it’s so seamless. I just published my review on the iPhone 5s a couple of days ago actually on the blog 🙂 Feel free to have a read

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