Google PageRank Update- November 2011

One of the good moments for all the bloggers out there is when they gain a Page Rank from Google. It just makes them happy to see that after all the hard work, they gain a rank ! No matter what people write against Page Rank, at the end of the day, if you are looking forward to earning, advertisers would be looking onto what’s the page rank for the blog. On the other hand, does page rank matter at all ? It’s actually not a bad idea to monitor the page rank or the alexa ranking, but in my point of view, we should concentrate more on the website’s performance in search engines, getting unique visitors and bounce rates. But its still fun to see who ranks more, doesn’t it ? 🙂


Google Page Rank Techetron

Thanks to Google, after 4 months, my blog got a Page Rank 3 !

What about yours ? Please do share your updates!

Also Thanks to Nasif from BDTechie for letting me know this! 😀


Techetron’s pagerank has dropped to 2 🙁 Time for some great work to do !

by Mushfique

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  2. Congrats! you have got Pagerank #3 but no chance for my blog still on Pr #0 🙁 btw am doing hard work on my blog, and i see your blog is more powerfull with great content.

    Happy blogging.

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