4 Apple products that you might want to buy this holiday season

Ever since Apple came out with the very first iPod, people have been clamouring to get their hands on Apple products.Year after year, release after release, they have come up with products that have proven to whip Apple fans into frenzy each time these products hit the market.

Since the release of the first iPod, Apple has introduced many different products, each one more advanced and delightful than its predecessor. If you happen to be a fan of Apple and its products and looking forward to buy one this holiday season, here’s a list of them.

iPod Touch 4th gen– If you remember the old iPod touch, you would have marvelled at how amazing it was and how great it felt to handle you music in such a high-tech way. The iPod touch has gone a long way since then and Apple now brings you the 4th gen iPod and while it is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, the company made it better than ever! The new iPod Touch 4th gen comes in a bevy of amazing fruity colours that are sure to catch the eyes and its new slim design is so “in”.


But do not think this music device only has its looks to die for; it is because it also comes with an A5 chip and a 4-inch retina display and this means you can enjoy images that are sharper than ever. It doesn’t stop there, with the new iPod Touch 4thgen; you also get to interact with the intrepid Siri. This retails for $229 at the Apple Store but you can check Amazon Apple sellers for discounts and deals.

iPad Air- If you thought your iPad 1 or 2 was sleek, this is just because you have not yet touched an iPad air! This new release from Apple will boggle your mind and will show you just how thin “thin” can get. The people at Apple say this may just be the thinnest and lightest tablet in the market and the fact that it is made by Apple, you know you cannot go wrong at all.

It might be a lightweight physically, but this iPad gives truth to the saying “less is more” since it packs a powerful A7 chip that totally rocks. Its screen has 3.1 million pixels and you can enjoy all those pixels in its clear as crystal 9.7-inch display.

iPhone 5S – You thought the first iPhone was divine? You believed the 4th one was just too good to be true, and the 4S was a something extra-ordinary and just when you believe your mind had completely been blown by the iPhone 5, Apple introduced the 5S, which is sure to leave you in conniptions. The iPhone 5S takes the iPhone places where it has ever gone before. Well, this seems to be the trend right now. Fingers crossed for iPhone 6.

It retains the iPhone 5’s sleek design but takes its functions a bit higher. For one, it has a fingerprint sensor which makes sure no one but you ever gets to check your phone so you can be sure of your privacy from now on.

It is fitted with a powerful chip with a 64-bit architecture that blows the competition out of the water and will surely blow you away too. This phone is available in three colours: silver, gold, and grey.

iPhone 5c– Many people went gaga when iPhone 5c was released in the market. This is a proof that Apple products captivate the attention and interests of gadget consumers easily.This phone is very colourful and despite the fact that it is a low cost handset, this is still a very powerful phone and Apple spared no expense in making it top-of-the-line in every way.

If you want a detailed list of gadgets released in the Apple Fall event, [button link=”https://www.techetron.com/10444/all-you-need-to-know-about-apples-fall-product-refresh/” size=”mediuml” target=”self”]click here[/button]

Now, the question is: what will happen if Apple introduced 2 or more models of gadgets?

Actually, it already happened. It is when Apple released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at the same     time. Most Apple consumers took time to determine comparisons between the 2 models, and it seems 5S captured the hearts of many.

Indeed, if you are an Apple fan, these new releases should be a part of your arsenal. To look for them, you can check an Apple store near you or you can always go online and check out Amazon Apple offers,to save money. 

Getting any of the devices this holiday? Let us know in the comment section below.


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