6 iPad Apps for Car Lovers

There’s already over 140,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad, making it difficult to sift through the bad to get to the good. If you’re a car enthusiast with an iPad, you’ll find no shortage of apps that can help you do everything from gawk at sports car galleries to save money on your auto repairs.

The following are six of the best ones out there, which can help you make the most of your driving experience.

1. Sports Car Challenge

sportEven if you don’t have a car of your own, you can get behind the wheel with the Sports Car gaming app. It offers a wide selection of super cars to choose from, allowing you to customise them and compare your speeds to other players. The controls are quick, responsive, and lively, making this one of the best driving games available for iPad. As an added bonus, Sports Car is free in its most basic model, although you can upgrade for more choices.

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2. Waze

wazeStay on top of accidents and traffic for an unfettered driving experience with the Waze app. The information is crowd-sourced, giving real-time information in your area. You can see where any trouble spots are ahead as you’re driving along, and the app helps you reroute your vehicle to avoid them.

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3. Motoring

motoringAlthough it’s brought to you by Australian listings site motoring.com.au, you don’t have to live in Australia to benefit from the Motoring app. It serves as a comprehensive source of reviews, car news, galleries, and videos of your favourite vehicles. This is a useful resource if you’re in the market for a new car and want to compare prices or reviews, but it’s also fun to browse if you simply want to brush up on the latest automotive news stories.

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4. AccuFuel

acuefuleWith fuel prices constantly fluctuating, it can be hard to stay on top of which local station offers the lowest prices. AccuFuel helps you keep track of your fuel efficiency, calculating just how much you’re using based on your driving style, weight, and other specific pieces of data. You can work on improving your efficiency as you log your mileage.

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5. Repair Pal

carappDo you love driving but break into a cold sweat at the thought of facing the auto mechanic? Many of us are afraid of being taken advantage of with unnecessary repairs or overpriced parts. RepairPal helps battle this, by giving you the accurate price of what you should expect to pay for a repair. It breaks these costs down by repair as well as model, so you know what parts you will need. The app then puts you in touch with a mechanic in your area, and helps you evaluate and compare estimates to get the best possible deal. The app covers all models released after 1990.

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6. Road Inc.

RoadIncThis versatile app functions just like a miniature auto showroom right in your iPad, showcasing a bevy of cars on a 3D turntable for your perusal. You can rotate the cars to view them at different angles, read a brief rundown of their design, and view high resolution photos and videos. One of the most fun features for car lovers is to listen to the engines as they rev up.

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These apps are the current cream of the crop, but with new iPad apps being released on a regular basis we can expect to see even more accurate and interesting options for car lovers in the near future.

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