[Infographic] Online Shopping Continues to Rise

Today’s economy is about making quick, informed decisions. Brick and mortar stores can’t afford customers the same accessibility to multiple products, information and services like the Internet. For instance, the Internet allows shoppers to be in multiple places and compare multiple products simultaneously. The Internet is fast, quick and easy. Shopping online is oftentimes five times faster than shopping at a brick and mortar store.

Savvy customers like to make informed decisions. While some customers flock to brick and mortar type shops, most customers utilize the Internet to obtain information, items and services. The Internet has amazing features that people enjoy. For instance, customers like to shop in the comfort of their own home. People like having easy accessibility to products and services instantaneously.

Our society is primed for immediate action. Seldom do many people rely on brick and mortar stores. Even with the commencement of the shopping season, customers flock to online sales. People refer to the Internet before venturing outside. Once they find their item, information or service online, they are finished with their search. In addition, online sites that are easy to navigate keep their customers. If customers can’t find the item or checkout easily, information or service they require at one site, they will go to another. Anyone that does not utilize the Internet will miss out on sales.

This is why it is a prime time to take advantage of current and future trends to utilize the Internet for commerce. An wonderful way to create an easy-to-navigate website that loads quickly and allows for quick retrieval of products, services and information is to use a site like 1ShoppingCart.com that provides websites an easy checkout process in addition to other services that make shopping online a pleasure.

The Internet is the surest way to reach a multitude of shoppers. No other option affords customers: the ability to avoid commuting; a way to pacify their children; the ability to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously; and many other benefits over traditional shopping at brick and mortar stores. There is no better time than now to set up a site or to improve the functionality of an existing site.



Source: Invesp

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