Xbox One or PS4? —The Question in Every Gamer’s Mind


With the holiday season coming up, Sony and Microsoft could not have chosen a better time to launch their state of the art gaming consoles—Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. But what’s confounding the customers is which of the two to buy. Both sporting the popular games—Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Battlefield 4 and Madden NFL 25—and released within a week of each other, these alike gaming systems are definitely fighting for the win. Each had already sold more than 1 million consoles within the first day of the launch, with many more to come.

xboxone or ps4

Microsoft Xbox One

Succeeded by the Xbox 360 after almost 8 years, the Xbox One provides the ultimate media experience. Ranging from a Blu-Ray optical drive to Kinect camera and HDMI input to run through any HDMI device, not only does it present an outstanding gaming system, it allows all forms of media applications. It accommodates digital video recording, a RAM of 8GB DDR3, 500 GB non-removable hard drive, 8 core custom CPU, and 853 MHz AMD Radeon GPU. You can connect the cable to the device and view the whole TV guide. It allows a number of streaming services like Netflix, Youtube and Xbox Movies directly. It includes networking such as Skype video calling and Internet Explorer for browsing. Users would no longer require a daily check-in but would have to download a day one patch for the machine to operate, acting in their convenience.


As for the prime topic, what mentionable games does Xbox One provide? Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse are some with exclusives like Halo, Quantum Break, Gear of Wars are yet to be released. Halo manufacturers are all set to develop Halo 5 only for the Xbox One. The second controller (exclusive of the deal) enables a different way of controlling in addition to the built in voice control. The total cost will amount to $560 if the purchase includes the second controller and $500 without it, proving to be a bit pricey if you are running on a budget.

Sony PlayStation 4

Now this is a prize for the extreme gamers. Completely refurbished inside out, it holds the faster eight core processor and graphics that makes it an excellent upgrade from its predecessor, the PS3 which was released back in 2006. Built in specifications include a Blu-Ray Optical Drive, digital video recording, 8GB DDR5 RAM and a 500 GB removable hard drive. It has a new DualShock controller that enables swiping with the touchpad and built in speakers. Sony is also selling a camera albeit separately which provides enhanced reality features to a few games. PlayStation is offering streaming services onto Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus as well but nevertheless, focuses mainly on gaming.

Sony initiates the premier games like Killzone and Call of Duty, along with the new Knack and Resogun. Studios and exclusives that are yet to launch like Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Media Molecule, God of War, Infamous Second Son and DriveClub are grasping everyone’s attention. It will cost $400 dollars and an extra $60 for another controller.


Which is the winner?

>> With similar processors, both Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One are comparable, so in this aspect, either of the two would work great.

>> Xbox One definitely has a better camera than PS4 so if you’re looking for an augmented visual experience, Xbox it is!
Additionally, you would have to purchase the Sony Camera separately whereas the Kinect is built in!

>> What the DualShock controller is for Sony, Kinect is for Microsoft. Kinect is a multidimensional tool that acts as a camera, facilitates speech recognition and at the same time, tracks muscle activity and heart rate with the “Fitness” app.
On the other side, the DualShock controller is easy to the fingers, and the broad touchpad allows smooth transition between it and the buttons. The controller has motion sensing and can also track position with the camera accessory.

>> With the Xbox One providing extensive media applications, online streaming and access to movie networks, this is proving to be a better deal for the whole family. It is an apt way to fill your living room, but with only one device! The PS4 however, does not include, such elaborate media applications and so it would not relate an overall experience.

>> For the ultimate gamers, concerned solely with gaming, PS4 is the winner! Centering gaming at the heart of the console, and with new games like FIFA 14, Need For Speed Rivals and Skylanders Swap Force on their way, this is—without a doubt—the system to buy.
Experts claimed that the graphics were better in the PS4 than the Xbox One so as to give a more realistic visualization.

>> Regarding people running on a budget, PS4 would definitely suit you. Amounting to nearly $100 lower than the Xbox One, you get a more than likable gaming console at your service.

We see the conflict.So how do we resolve it? Simple.

If you are a Sony fan, it is unlikely that you would prefer anything other than that; likewise for Microsoft.

If you are willing to spend the precious greens, then the Xbox One would be the most suitable since it conveys the ENTIRE gaming and media experience. But, if you want JUST gaming, PlayStation 4 would be the right choice.
Most importantly, if you have a pile of cash, then go for both!

Happy gaming!

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