Xbox one destroyed

RatedRR Destroys the Xbox One by using a Barrett M82 and a Detcord

By now most of us already know what would be the fate of a smartphone/tablet if it falls to the ground, thanks to all the drop test videos that flood the cyberspace right after the launch.

It’s time for a change.

Richard Ryan aka Tech assassin loves to put bullets through latest gadgets to see how it fares if such situation occurs. He even goes far by using explosives to test out the respective devices. Of course it seems meaningless to predict what might happen, but why not have a look at the result?

Xbox One Destroyed

This time, Richard Ryan targets the Microsoft Xbox One. He doesn’t only use a Barrett M82 (.50 Cal) to obliterate the device but also uses a Detcord to bring in more destruction. The video is divided into two phases, one with the Barrett and the Detcord hitting the Xbox One at the same time and the later phase using only the DetCord.

Watch the video to see the amazing slow-motion destruction of the Xbox One.

The Xbox One haters will surely love this!

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