11 Inventions Straight out of Sci Fi Movies

What would happen if the world produced admantium, the indestructible metal Wolverine’s claws are made?  What about the hovering ‘skateboard’ from the Back to the Future films?  Has modern technology finally reached the pace of writers’ creativities?  Sci-fi films unleash some seriously insane inventions on screen.  But, can scientists bring such conjured technologies to real life?

Reality has provided some interesting products of its own, deviating from the on-screen creations but lacking nothing in originality and benefit.  For example, silver-screen collars affixed with sensors allow dogs to speak with humans.  The real-life version does not enable a person to speak with an animal, yet the device provides insight regarding how dogs feel: hungry, playful, sleepy, etc.

In other science adventures, hand-held translators allow users to understand all languages, even those of aliens.  However, modern devices render text or sound, and then translating to thousands of languages; devices are used in military, medical and police efforts.

Other inventions, including shark repellent and mobile exoskeletons, seen in movies, make headlines in reality.  What hopes and uses does humanity have the inventions that make the fanboys so enthusiastic?  Read about the insane science fiction implementations that are not so ridiculous to bring to life.

Infographic by Wish.co.uk

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