From Smartphones To Superphones, NVIDIA Debuts the Tegra K1

cropcircleBefore announcing their latest product, Nvidia used a different form of teaser. Instead of going for video or image advertisements, they used a different tactic: crop circles. Most of the people think that crop circles are done by visitors from outer space but nowadays, even humans are capable of doing it. That is why Nvidia wants to make us think that their latest product is so advanced that it has been produced by the aliens. The crop circle below appeared in a Chualaur, California in late 2013 and the image replicated a mobile chip with the number ‘1’ , ‘9’ and ‘2’ in braille which is a reference to their latest product.


tegrak1sCEO of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huan took the stage today at CES to finally wrap off the strings from the company’s latest mobile processor for Android, the 192 CUDA-core Tegra K1. The processor is so powerful that it would transform the present trend of ‘smartphones’ to ‘superphones’. The Tegra K1, according to the CEO, is not only designed for tablets or smartphones but also for consoles, cars, 4K Televisions as well. Speaking of consoles, we wonder which console would embedd this processor?

Tegra K1

The CEO also doesn’t want to call the Tegra K1 as the Tegra 5 because it isn’t linear to the previous Tegra 4. To them, it is the most successful architecture ever created. The Tegra K1 incorporates the Kepler GPU which is currently dominating the graphics market. Indeed, the new chip isn’t just a mere upgrade, the processor’s Kepler GPU is capable of bringing top class gaming power that we normally find in laptops/desktops to the mobile devices. Most importantly, it manages not to suck much of the battery life while in process.

The Tegra K1 will be coming in two versions:  32-bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex A15 processor and 64-Bit dual-core Denver ARM CPU. The Denver CPU, which was announced as ‘Project Denver’ in CES 2011 is the first ever developed by Nvidia.

Have a look at the video below to see the power of the Tegra K1 where the company shows off photo-realistic scenes.


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