One word, two syllables: 4K; the crown jewel of CES 2014

Television has advanced at a phenomenal rate since its debut, and no one could argue that it failed to live up to its promise of “bring the world right at your living room”. Many of us have been lucky to experience the marvel and awe of 3D television sets and the jaw-dropping clarity of 1080p full HD television sets. You would be forgiven to imagine that television can hardly become any better. Yet, here we are in the year 2014, and television sets have managed to outdo themselves yet again: yes, I am talking about the baffling, wonder-some 4K technology that has been attracting the most attention at CES 2014.

4K is just one the names to mark the latest television technology; other “less catchy” tags include UHD (Ultra High Definition), 4K UHD or OLED UHD (Organic Light Emitting Diode). The “4K” signifies the fact that these television set will offer four times the picture resolution of 1080p full HD television sets, or eight million pixels as opposed to two million pixels. This translates to even finer details, greater texture, sharper lines and almost photographic emulsion of smoothness. It would essentially seem almost exactly like peering out of a window and seeing things in real life, with your naked eye – the quality is THAT good!

Tech buffs have already consigned the year of 2014 to be the year of smart television sets. As seen in CES 2014, 4K UHD television sets were all the rage. Here are five of the best that stood out among all:

Samsung Curved TV


The curve TV. As soon as you say that, almost always the reaction to it would be awe and intrigue. This 60”-70” television set is curved and promises to offer the ultimate immersive viewing experience. However, the draw back with this is that the effective viewpoint is very narrow; you would have to sit at the center or apex to get the full experience. Even if you move a few inches, the image will be distorted. The ratio aspect is also very important; anything other than 21:9 would also distort the image. This makes it less of a family unit and thus has garnered criticism, earning an unsavory title of being “a bit of a gimmick”

Samsung Bendable TV


Now, if I had to choose the one which stood out from the rest in terms of innovation, it has got to be the Samsung bendable TV. It is exactly what it says – you can bend the TV screen at will, all with the touch of a remote control. Just WOW, due to a lack of any other better suited term. This TV is not an OLED TV set, it only takes the form of LED or LCD. This has been seen as a step back by experts and critics, but even then, if they can manage to leave the picture quality uncompromised, then all is forgiven. They are scheduled to come out at the second half of the year, and is likely to command a price range of $60k-$70k (making it practically only affordable to footballers and oligarchs!)

Vizio RS 120

Behold, the behemoth, the 120” self proclaimed “BEST TV SET AROUND”! With an outrageous size and statement, would you care to guess if they live up to their own standards? They do, as a matter of fact. Vizio has bested their competitors by offering full array color dimming and a much wider color range than others. This means a more clearer and colorful output than others. This set comes in LED or LCD, has no curves or any bendy functions, and simply delivers in performance and output. Even better, they claim that they are working towards offering TV sets within an impossibly affordable, low priced range starting at only $999.

HiSense Vidaa [Android Powered TV]


Chinese manufacturers HiSense have unveiled their android powered TV set at CES 2014. With sizes ranging from 50” to 85”, these smart TVs are scheduled to hit the shelves during the third quarter of 2014. Among other spectacular features, HiSense is offering access to Netflix, HBO, Amazon instant video, and also Roku, arguably the best set-top around.

Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector


I admit, this isn’t a television set, but it makes its way into the list due to its sheer innovation and quality. Remember how troublesome projectors are? You have to set it up in a particular manner, you cannot come in front of the projection point, etc. Sony has removed all these annoying features and added all the cool and flash you could think of. It sits as a piece of furniture, against the wall, and is capable of projecting in 4K and giving an astonishing 147” of display. No indication of price has been given, but it is safe to assume that tech of the future is sure to command a hefty price tag!



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One word, two syllables: 4K; the crown jewel of CES 2014
From the 90's television to Ultra 4k! Wonder what awaits in the next 5 years!
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