5 Best iWatch Concept Designs

Almost all the renowned companies have a wearable product for the customers by now except Apple. The birth of the first ever wearable gadget from the Cupertino Giant, the iWatch is rumored to be it’s first entrance into wearable technology. This product would be the iPad Maker’s response to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Google’s Glass and the myriad of all the other wearable gadgets that is set to hit the markets in 2014.

The iWatch is probably the best kept secret ever. It has been on the cards for a pretty long time now and we haven’t seen any leaks yet. Market watchers and analysts are convinced that the much talked about iWatch will see the lights this year.As there isn’t any sight of the leaks yet, especially from @evleaks, the serial-leaker, we have listed the 5 best and amazing iWatch Concept designs for you to expect what might be coming!

Todd Hamm


This iWatch concept is a blend between the Nike Fuelband and an iPhone. Brilliant in one word. If Apple can come up with something like this, it would be marvellous. However, the design wouldn’t be original then as  it’s based on Fuelband’s design language. This iWatch Concept has been developed by Todd Hamm. However, Todd was inspired from Thomas Bogner who designed a similar one but had a different orientation. Todd corrected it by not only designing a new version but also created a video of how, if this was real, would work in real life! This is one amazing design!


Edgar Rios

This iWatch concept looks like a traditional wall clock or more like pebble which utilizes a large screen to display the contents. Only the designs were posted and there isn’t any information regarding what type of screen or any external buttons it might have. Overall, looks like a premium watch!


Stephen Olmstead

Old-school is the new fashion trend nowadays and this is what Stephen Olmstead had in mind while designing his iWatch concept. This might look like an ordinary watch but if this becomes a real product, it would amaze your friends and families if you have one. Each part of this device has a purpose that would able to interact in spite of its old look. The picture below shows a touch screen with a camera lens above and a mic with two speaker outlets.



Tolga Tuncer

This futuristic iWatch concept is too good to be true. The iWatch is rumored to have a curved glass and it seems possible with this rendition. It looks like it belongs to the ‘i’ family as it resembles the existing product’s design language. Measuring 3.3cm wide, it has a touchpad and is solar powered. However, the screen isn’t touch-enabled and most importantly, if this was a real product it might not fit  onto the user’s wrist. Overall, the concept design is praiseworthy!


Antorio Derosa

Coming back to traditional designs, Antorio’s take on the iWatch is great. It would make the user feel he/she is wearing a normal watch but an elegant one as he keeps the idea minimalistic and stylish. The concept features three buttons and a touch-screen panel just like a smartphone



Which one do you like the best? Share your views in the comment below!


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