Top 8 Most Addictive Facebook Games

The existence of Facebook games are one of the reasons why this social network has gained such fame as most of the users are totally hooked into it. Few of Facebook’s 1 billion+ users spend most of their time playing apart from checking or posting status updates and messages during breaks from work. If games in Facebook were all single-player, we might not have experienced such addiction. What makes them addicting is the fact that users are connected with thousands others transforming the gaming to a whole new massive online multiplayer session.

Here we have collected 8 of the most addictive Facebook games available right now that will surely entertain you!

1. Candy Crush Saga


There’s nothing much to say about Candy Crush because it has been the most widely-played game ever. At first sight, it might seem to be a simple game where you just have to match and mix the candys but as the level progresses, it becomes harder and more interesting. You can simply sit there and mindlessly line up the pieces of candy as long as you want,

2. 8 Ball Pool


The 8 Ball Pool game was originally made by Miniclip which was already ranked as one of the best multiplayer games. As it entered Facebook’s domain, it added more users which intensified the gaming experience more. Users can show off their customised tables and cues to their friends and compete in tournaments with thousands of online players.

3. Farmville


Farmville will ensure you have the experience of farming where you can have your own land to plow, plant and harvest crops and trees. You can even rear domestic animals!

4. CoasterVille


The name says it all, build coasters in an amusement park. You can watch visitors enter your park and see how they react.

5. Criminal Case


Criminal Case has earned much acclaim since its inception on Facebook. This is not like any other game but a serious one where you have the chance to be a detective and solve mysterious crimes and murders.

6. Slotscraze

With over 10,000 monthly users, Slotscraze is slowly getting on the list of getting people hooked. If you know how to play slot games, this isn’t any different.  With different levels and different slot designs, this will surely attract the users playing. If interested you can download the iOS app for it too to play it on your mobile or try to play the facebook slot games at win!

7. War Commander


Though we should always opt for peace, we  have that curiosity on how wars actually work. You just don’t go and attack the enemy rather you have to formulate a strategic plan to have the best outcome. In War Commander, you are the commander of your base and have the power to make your own strategy, attack enemy bases, form alliances and most importantly, engage in a full scale war!

8. Words with Friends

The scrabble-copycat game has been a favourite for most of the Facebook gamers. As Facebook games normally rise and fall, this still remains to be one of the most widely used game ever. If you played scrabbles, you would love playing the digital version of it, that too with a lot of users.

Did we do any injustice by not adding other games in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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