Digital Marketing in 2014: Expectations from 23 Bangladeshi Experts

2013 will be known as the year when companies started embracing different strategies for digital marketing in a huge way. There have been many changes in the social media platforms specifically Google and Facebook’s constant algorithm updates which affected the existing strategies. Whatever the changes maybe, marketers never failed to promote their business in the cyberspace. It seems even in 2014, trends that we have seen in last year will continue.

What stays at the top of the list is content marketing. Around 78% of CMO’s firmly believe this is the future of marketing as lot of marketers have embraced this strategy to promote their business.

Here’s Webable’s, a digital marketing company in Bangladesh, analysis of 23 Bangladeshi experts’ expectations on Digital Marketing in 2014. Experts include Iraj Islam (CTO of NewsCred), Bickey Russel (Head of Agency Development, Channel Sales, Google),  Kazi Monirul Kabir (Country Consultant, Bangladesh, Google), Nash Islam (CEO, Green Red Technologies) and many more.


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