Two Must Watch iPhone 6 Concept Videos

Its the time of the year when we start speculating what we will be seeing next in the upcoming smartphones, specially when the device is Apple’s iPhone. The iPhone 5S was just a mere upgrade from the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 will most likely follow the trend. We are in a stage where we might not be seeing much revolutionary designs but just a small upgrade here and there and voila, we have a new phone!

But there’s no stopping those designers who dream about having that futuristic phone we always dream about.

How about an iPhone with holographic projectors on the side which would allow the users to interact with the screens projected? Sounds pretty unrealistic but awesome for sure. The animation for the iPhone 6 concept has been designed by SET solution, a company which is having high hopes from the upcoming iPhone 6 which unfortunately won’t happen any time soon based on the trends. The design language of this phone looks quite similar to the Galaxy S5 and there’s no bezel at all. Full wide screen to provide a great experience! Watch the video below to have a more in-depth look.

The next concept design has been formulated by Sam Beckett which is actually quite realistic from the one above. Meet the iPhone Air aka iPhone 6.

From what we have heard from the rumors, Apple might be spicing up the display screen and the one in Sam’s video shows that the 4.7 inch display is 17% larger and has 68% more pixels than the previous iPhone 5S. Most importantly, the Corning Glass display has been tossed out and the Sapphire Crystal display takes over. What I personally liked about Sam’s design is that it’s realistic and retains the same design language of the previous iPhones. So, there’s a high possibility that the next iPhone might just look like Sam’s design!

Which one did you like? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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