Enter to win an iPad Air!


Techetron has teamed up with Dragonblogger and The-Best-Web-Hosting-Service.com to host an iPad Air giveaway and this is your perfect chance to win one of the best and powerful tablets ever on the market right now.

The iPad Air comes in black and all that you have to do is get some entries to follow the sponsors on Facebook, Twitter and some more simple stuff. Most importantly, in order to increase your chance of winning, share the custom link via any social network to get more entries from your end!

Note: The giveaway is open worldwide but if a non-US citizen wins the prize, s/he has to pay for the shipping cost only or have the opportunity to mail it to a friend or a family member residing in US.

Here’s our hands-on review on the iPad Air if you would to know more details!

Good luck! 🙂




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