Setting Up 24/7 Control Over Distributed Teams via Mobile Apps

With the development of the technology more people prefer not to go to the office in the way they have been doing for a long time. In most cases, they make their decisions to work remotely – either from home or country house. If their bosses do not mind such an approach and let them not come to the premises every day, it seems to be a rather attractive opportunity for office plankton.
Company management more often favor their staff to work remotely, because it is really cheaper than to rent expensive offices and buy lots of hardware that is likely to be useful in the end, and hire extra personnel to maintain the areas. As the modern world is open, companies have commenced hiring specialists not only from the own countries, but from abroad, and that is why it is not always possible for an expert to be present in the office physically, because of long distances or different time zones.

If a worker is effective while working remotely, bosses usually do not mind not seeing some staff in the neighboring room every day.

Thank God, modern technological advances make it possible to set up various ways to communicate via Skype, email, or social networks.

Everything appears to be very attractive and easy, but, at the same time, many managers are haunted by the idea of total control over every single team member.  They are willing to set a rather rigid command over the given tasks, projects and workflow processes, especially when it concerns distributed teams.

To tell the truth, some of the bosses have no idea how to organize such type of monitoring or supervision. And every single person invents their own ways to arrange it.

If you are still puzzled what can be done in this very situation, then bear in mind that cutting-edge technology can help everybody. There is a wonderful Comindware Project tool that has been designed by make life easier for both workers and managers of a company.

This online project management software can be called a breakthrough one, as in spite of the fact that it is a web-based one; it offers native apps for iPhone and Android devices. You have a chance to become mobile from all points of view.  It means that using your own smartphone, you are able to impose a certain kind of supervision on any type of task of any project in any team, as all the features that the web-based tool has, are available in mobile versions. To be a bit specific you are able to monitor the whole project execution, the ways the teams collaborate, see their tasks and the arranged deadline and how they are followed. You can also create your own tasks lists, manage them, set time limits, organize your own planning for your every activity etc.  All the options come within a simple and user-friendly navigation interface.

Consequently, this is a modern and painless way to set up a 24/7 control over any types of teams, even distributed ones.



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