5 Best tips to make your smartphone battery last longer

Although our mobile devices have come a long way since the days of the Nokia 3120, one thing has not evolved as much as the tech surrounding it, the battery. The battery can be a pain in the rear to many people, in fact it is the selling point of many devices to some more hardcore users.

Note: This article is for Android Smartphones.

People nowadays look at how long the battery lasts and whether it is easily replaceable, some also carry a second battery that they can swap in if the power reaches critical levels while others carry portable chargers. Funny thing is, many if not most of these people suffer from this problem primarily because they do not know how to save lots of power here and there.

They unnecessarily use up their charge on things that are scarcely used. So here is Techetron’s list of tips to help improve your battery life:


  1. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc 

These bad boys are some of the main culprits to a shorter battery life. Common sense tells us that when we don’t need something, we can afford to keep it switched off. The same law applies to these guys.

So if you are on the move or not transferring data between devices then TURN THESE OFF! Turn them on when you need to use it, simple. A large misconception I have observed among many people is that they believe having WiFi and cellular data on at the same time doubles the download speed! This my friends is not at all true, not yet at least. (Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will allow users to use both WiFi and 4G LTE to boost downloads) So use one or the other, not both together!

2. Screen Brightness


When it is the middle of the day and you see you’re below the 50% mark, reducing the brightness of your phone’s screen could save your life, your phone’s life I meant. Simply lowering it down to 20-30% will drastically improve your battery life; also do not set it to auto under dire circumstances as that too drains the battery heavily.

reducing the brightness of your phone’s screen could save your life..

3. Use Power Saving


Here is a no brainer, when the going gets tough, scroll over to the power saving option and give it a nice little tap. Chances are you will get through the day no sweat.

4. Check your settings


If you go over to the battery option within the settings menu, you can easily see what is hogging the most of your battery life. Usually things like GPS, WiFi and your screen eat up the largest share so dial those down a bit. This also allows you to take a look at what other applications or processes are unnecessarily draining your battery

5. Charging cycles

This is a tip that applies to all mobile users. When charging your phone, make sure that you do not leave it connected for long after it is completely charged. This actually decreases the longevity of the battery itself! Also, never let your battery die, if worst comes to worst, make the noble decision and switch off your device with 2-5% battery life, this one move can make your battery last much longer.

 make sure that you do not leave it connected for long after it is completely charged…

Battery life will continue to be a boon until technology evolves to make it last longer, until then be wise and take these five simple steps to keep your device going until the day ends. Cheers!

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