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8 Tips to reduce lag on your Android smartphone

Is your smartphone getting slow and laggy? Is your RAM constantly being hogged even though you have just a few applications running?

Well then, you are a victim of one of the most common problems that people with low-mid range phones experience.

Though in some cases, people with high end smartphones even face these issues. So here is a quick and simple guide to teach you how to tackle the above mentioned problems and have a smooth lag free experience on your smartphone.


[divider]Clear your RAM [/divider]

Although it may seem obvious to some, many people new to Android don’t know that you can clear your RAM. What this does is it clears applications active in your Random Access Memory or RAM thereby allowing for smoother functioning due to the freed up space. RAM doesn’t always need clearing, you only need to clear it if you see your Android device begin to lag or stutter. All you need to do is long press the Home button/soft-key and go to the task manager. From here all you have to do is tap on RAM and hit the one button that says “Clean Memory” and hey presto, you have freed up some memory.

ANDROID reducelag

[divider]Widgets and Live Wallpapers [/divider]

Having too many widgets on your screens can eat up a big chunk of your RAM and slow your device down. The same applies for live wallpapers. So if things start getting slow, you might want to dial down the number of fancy widgets and keep only the useful ones.

[divider]Uninstall Apps [/divider]

Unused apps can take use up a lot of your RAM. Things get even worse if you have many Launcher applications as they often tend to run in the background so be smart and get rid of these unused/unimportant things. Follow our guide to properly uninstalling apps for the best results.

uninstall apps

[divider]Customizations [/divider]

A perk Android users get is the ability to heavily customize their devices. Sometimes though, the customizations can get too hard to handle for your device. In this case if you have custom Launchers, Floating Touchers, Custom Lock Screens, side launchers etc all loaded one on top of the other, then it is best to remove some customizations and go with a much more RAM friendly choices.

[divider]Update Software [/divider]

Check if there are any new updates for your device as newer versions of android have become more RAM friendly and have additional performance boosts and modifications.

[divider]Check internal storage space [/divider]

Sometimes your phone may lag if your internal memory is in bad shape so check that and try freeing it up.

[divider]Restart Your Device [/divider]

When things get too dire, it is wise to restart your phone though this is a temporary option but it still gets the job done.

[divider]Root Your Device [/divider]

This is the ultimate step to reduce lag as rooting allows you to overclock your device and get rid of developer heavy skins. We do not recommend this process unless absolutely necessary as the process is complicated and may leave you with a bricked device.

Bonus Tip: Search the Play Store for apps like Clean Master that can help you regulate your cache and RAM and help improve performance.


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