Women and Internet

Women and Internet in Bangladesh

The cyberspace has become a important arena where information can be easily circulated to anyone living anywhere in the world provided that he/she has a connection to the internet. Through social media, women from all quarters are joining together to create opportunities for communities to join forces and generate ideas that are worth sharing.

The internet penetration in Bangladesh is growing rapidly at a high rate and this not only is a good sign but also creates an amazing opportunity for initiatives to be promoted. Maya has a strong belief that through the mighty powers of the web, it would be possible to empower women in Bangladesh.

Women and Internet

They have conducted a Question and Answers session where they reached a huge base of women answering questions with topics ranging from sexual health and domestic violence. The following presentation, with support from Webable, features views from 10 women in Bangladesh who currently works in the development and tech sector.

According to Sonia Bashir Kabir, Country Managing Director of Dell Bangladesh, she believes that the internet has brought a paradigm shift in the lives of women in Bangladesh and has created an amazing option of working from any place at anytime and most importantly, anywhere. She further emphasizes on the combination of knowledge and power which would empower the women and take them to greater heights.

Other notable personalities in the deck includes: Sumaya Kazi, CEO & founder, Sumazi, Shazia Omar, Head of Advocacy, Shiree Author,  Taslima Miji, CEO, Techmania, Tina Jabeen, Private Equity Director and member of Agami, Jana Levene, Head of Emerging Markets, APAC Google, Munazah Chowdhury, Head of Global Sales Technology, Google, Sadequa Hassan Sejuti, Managing Director, Future Solution for Business (FSB) Ltd, Alyssa Ransbury Head of Operations, G&R Technologies and Bibi Russell, Founder, Bibi Productions.



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