Samsung Bangladesh unveils smart exchange offer with Galaxy S5

Samsung Bangladesh has finally unveiled its Smart Exchange Offer where users with the old Galaxy SIII and not-so-old Galaxy S4 devices [who are willing to exchange] are eligible to buy the new Galaxy S5 at half the price.

Without exchange, folks can buy the Galaxy S5 for BDT 60,000 or BDT  3,333 for 18 EMIs. At first sight of the advert, those with the Galaxy S4 or SIII will have a huge grin on their face until they see an asterisk with the words ‘conditions applied’.


In simple words, you can just go in and exchange your Galaxy S4 or the SIII with Tk. 35000 to buy a Galaxy S5. Since youre getting this latest device at almost half the cost, there are some rules that needs to be followed.

The most important thing for the exchange to occur peacefully is the condition of the smartphone.

Have a screen cracked? Sorry, no exchange.

Apart from the condition, additional requirements include the box, accessories, purchase invoice and the product with minimum 6 months warranty.

For Galaxy S4 users, they will be able to buy the S5 at only BDT 35,000/- at 6 months EMI of BDT 5,833/- whereas the Galaxy SIII users would have to pay BDT 45,000/- at 6 months EMI of BDT 7,500/- 

Oh wait, before the Smart Exchange commences, the person must bring his/her original passport and submit a photocopy of it along with a photograph for verification purposes.

Ready for the exchange?

  1. Nice article. Love how you use sarcasm to bring out the different sides to the exchange offer.

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