Design the Future

Design the future

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With time, the evolution of our country into ‘Digital Bangladesh’, is pacing up super fast! While more and more companies are expanding their presence online, the inevitable need to create the designs which shape a company’s image is increasing too. This is a time when all companies go bonkers for brilliant designers. Only problem here is that there are very few designers who fit the professional profile. Although many talented people are working independently in freelancing platforms like oDesk, most of them are unavailable for full-time work in local companies.

Argument goes both ways: designers don’t feel secure just working for one company; companies don’t treat designers as a key professional resource and don’t offer proper compensation packages.
“It is downright sad to see beautifully fertile minds ‘design’ as a side job because the Bangladeshi culture is yet to accept visual illustration and graphics designing as a ‘profession’. Well guys, laggards will jump ship when you set the standards. Jonathan Ive’s are not just born out of context, they act on their passion!”  – Ovick Alam, co-founder, WebAble. People like Jonathan Ive (Apple’s lead designer) worked on their dreams and changed how the world communicates today! So are there any Bangladeshi companies trying to give designers the recognition they deserve?

In order to fuel your passion and set your creativity at work, WebAble, a digital media marketing company, introduces a massive hunt for designers! This is a shout out to all dreamers and artists who wants to change the world: If you love to design and believe in it, WebAble would like to facilitate the process.

Design the Future

Imagine all the big companies publishing your work while they get nationally and internationally recognized! Imagine stumbling upon a graphics banner designed by you, reaching millions of people! Imagine designing UX and products that makes people’s lives easier everyday – Yes, WebAble is thinking BIG! If you are a creative with a touch of craziness, get yourself invested in it! Go to places which are not only hiring technical skills but also passion and courage.

WebAble, a leading tech company focused on digital marketing, in Bangladesh is ready to invest in your vision: Dream big. Form part of the bigger picture – join them in ride towards the largest technological revolution in Bangladesh’s history. Spare a few deep thoughts you have and share your personal vision through a simple poster to win a position at WebAble and BDT 20,000 signing bonus! Design the future!

Grad Connect is a talent sourcing partner of the campaign.

To participate, design a poster that reflects your personality, interests, and dreams. Competition details:

Deadline: May 20, 2014

Dimension: 600*315 pixels
Format: JPG & PSD/AI
Attachment: Your portfolio and CV
Send E-Mail to: [email protected]

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