Quitbit: A gadget to help you quit smoking


Most smokers do understand the bad side of smoking, the negative effects smoking causes to our health, a lot of smokers genuinely want to quit too, but probably aren’t successful because they don’t get the external support they need to get over this bad habit.

We do have gadgets for almost everything nowadays, even for smoking too. There are a lot of e-cigarettes that help you quit smoking, but how effective they actually are is debatable. Quitbit is something more practical than that. The Quitbit is a ‘smart lighter’ that along with an app tracks your smoking habit and helps achieve your goals towards quitting smoking.

Have a look at the video to see how it works!

Quitbit shows details about your smoking habit. It counts the number of cigarettes that you lit and the gap in between each count. It has a smart functionality that would detect if you are just playing around with your lighter or you are actually lighting up a cigarette. It can also specifically detect the number of cigarettes you personally had by distinguishing you from your friends. So there is no miss calculation in case you are sharing your lighter with your friends.


The Quitbit app connects to the Quitbit lighter via Bluetooth LE, it synchronizes all the data with the lighter and gives u a comprehensive data about your smoking pattern. It tells you the number of cigarettes you smoked, how far you are from your goal, what time of the day you smoke usually and how many cigarettes you smoke during that time. It can even calculate the amount of money you saved by reducing your cigarette intake.


You can furthermore share your data with an online community who are trying to quit and need support like you. This community helps others quit smoking by encouraging and creating some sort of a competition for quitting among them.  With the support from the community, it gets even easier to quit smoking.

The gadget is up on Kickstater and has already reached $40000 with $10000 more to go for reaching the goal.

 Click here to visit their Kickstarter page.

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