Possible Google Nexus Tablet to Rival iPad in 2012

Google Nexux Tablet ?

This might be another rumour like the ones we had for Apple’s supposedly iPhone 5, later turning out to be iPhone 4s, or a translation error by Google. In an interview with an Italian Daily Corriere Della Sera, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman  of the Internet God, Google spoke about the plans of releasing a Google Nexus Tablet within the next six months.

Eric Schmidt

Now this seemed odd to me as the Chairman spoke and simply revealed the plans about the possible tablet to an Italian newspaper. To clear out my doubts, I checked their site with the google translator and this is what was said by Schmidt.

What is the future, for example, of his profession, journalism. But our companies compete, you compete. We in the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality. And in mobile communications, the smartphone market, you will see brutal competition between Apple and Google Android. It is capitalism. 

Google Nexus Tablet
Not the original Nexus !

The whole article seemed a little vague. Many people would just see the line where Schmidt announces the tablet and not see how the whole article was translated. For example, when translated, questions turned out to be  :

>” We see a problem mainly euros and debt ”
>” Tough competition between the West and Asia, but also here in America, between you and Apple, the creature of his friend Steve Jobs.
She says that the battle between Android and iPhone will be brutal.” – True that 😛
>” Why has lived in Italy? “

Check out the article here.

Now if what the article says is true, it’s high time that Google is coming up with the tablet in a sector where Apple’s iPad is on the throne. Android tablets, except the Kindle Fire which actually cannot compete with the iPad, haven’t flourished much. If the tablet is a part of the Nexus family, Google has to make a tablet so awesome that Apple’s experts in technology will have to go back to their tables and redesign their tablets

Firstly, Google should and must take the price into consideration which worked greatly for Kindle Fire and of course a great design to impress the people.

The technology sector is actually very unpredictable, maybe within the next six months Apple might come out with their own iPad 3 ! People would either divert their attention or get confused which to choose. The competition would escalate way further.

Right now, we have nothing better to do then wait and see what Google has to say officially about the possible Google Nexus tablet.

What’s your view on the possible Google Nexus Tablet ? Do share your views below 🙂
by Mushfique

  1. Excellent Post! Computers Are Something Every Person Should Own.Sometimes You Need To Find Out Which Computer Is Best To Buy..

    1. Totally agree with you Cheolsu.I have a feeling, the price of iPad 3 might be lowered due to the upcoming competition. Let them fight while we, the consumers can get the products with a less price!

  2. I think it would be pretty cool to see google coming up with its tablet, i know a lot of people who already prefer the BB netbook over the ipad, i would still want an ipad though ! but by the time i get the money for buying the latest ipad, they'll come up with a newer version.

      1. @Mushfique is right. I think @Loen should wait a bit more and get the iPad3 I don't think it will take much time. I think the iPad 3 would be just amazing from what I've heard so far, and I don't want to lose all my money on anything else hehe

  3. Well, my Italian is very rusty, but yes, he's quite openly announcing Google's tablet in the next six months – and the battle between Android and Apple that is to be brutal! 🙂

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