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Apple releases a $199 iPod touch with a camera

The tech giant drops the base price of its game changing iPod touch line again.

Yesterday, Apple launched a $199 version of its iPod touch, making it the cheapest version of its iPod touch ever. The entry level iPod comes with 16GB of storage, a camera, and available in all six colours.

Last year, Apple released a 16GB model of its older generation iPod (4th gen) without a camera, which retailed for $229 and was only available in black and white. Now with the new, cheaper iPod in the Apple Store, the older one is no longer on the Apple Store in the US. The new iPod touch is currently available in the US and is expected to hit worldwide markets soon.

iPod Touch


There is more to the price cuts across the iPod touch line. The iPod touch models with additional storage are also seeing price cuts with the 32GB model dropping from $299 to $249, and the 64GB model dropping from $399 to $299. This means that the price increments for getting additional storage has now changed from $100 to $50 for doubling your storage.

These price cuts come just days after Apple’s launch of their cheapest iMac yet at $1099. Apple has been launching cheaper entry level models of its high end devices starting with the iPhone, iPod, and MacBook lines last year and this year with its iMac.

This is the second price cut to the entry level model in the iPod touch line, and it doesn’t really come as much of a surprise as iPod touch sales have been decreasing over the past few month especially with the release of cheaper entry level Android phone which have the same multi media capabilities as the iPod touch.

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