HotSpot SHield Review

Review: HotSpot Shield

HotSpot Shield is a popular software application which was developed by AnchorFree Inc. If you are suffering with online privacy issues, you should want to deploy the application. The product is meant for travelers as well as students so that the data can be accessed from Wi-Fi hotspots without compromising on the security issues. If you deploy the application, you can browse web pages without any difficulty.

HotSpot SHield Review


HotSpot Shield will let you access web pages without compromising your privacy. You will be able to access data in a secured way from Wi-Fi hotspots as well. It is possible to access web pages where censorship is applicable.

HotSpot Shield was released for the first time in 2008. It can be installed on Windows as well as Mac OS. The support for iOS and Android was extended in 2011. When you install HotSpotShield in your PC, it will establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will be in between your computer and the web browser. The user will be in anonymous mode and the data to and from the device will be transferred in a secured manner.


No third party will be able to access the data when HotSpot Shield is active. If you are new to the product, you can go for trial version. By going for paid version, you will enjoy the complete power of the application. The data will be encrypted while passing through the network. A proxy connection will be created to access web pages from AnchorFree’s servers.

By using the HotSpot Shield, you will get access to Google, Facebook, Twitter and Skype where censorship is applicable. HotSpot Shield was widely used during crucial periods. It was used during Arab Spring protests in 2010 and Egyptian protests and revolution in 2011. AnchorFree, the creator of HotSpot Shield had won Appy Award for Best Online Security/Privacy Application in 2013.  It also won Best Apps of Mobile World Congress in 2013. The application was featured on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN.


  • No speed issues with the utilization of the software
  • Video streaming of excellent quality can be enjoyed
  • Affordable price (when you go for multiple connections)
  • Better savings through mobile application
  • Free version
  • Ability to access censored web pages
  • Safe data access through Wi-Fi spots


  • Annoying ads through free version
  • Should follow the installation steps in a very careful manner
  • Technical documentation can be improved


The app will perform the job in an excellent way and when you install the software, you will be able to browse with absolute privacy. The software can be used very easily by novice as well. If you are on roaming, you will be able to access the data from the cloud without any issues. You can save to the cloud source as well in an effortless manner. There will be absolute protection to mobile users and censored data can be accessed without any issues. HotSpot Shield is a very useful and value for money application.

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