iPhone 6 likely to be unveiled on September 9

The news about the iPhone 6 release has been buzzing around the cyber space for quite a long time since last year. There has been numerous amount of leaks starting from the type of glass being used for the screen to the whole casing of the phone. All that is left now is the date of unveiling the hyped device and it seems we already have reports of the Apple event.


Influential sources In Bloomberg, Wall street journal, Cnet and others have reported with information received from people familiar with the plans that Apple will be scheduling the event on September 9th. The date actually goes perfectly in line with the previous events that were held in mid-September.

Apple will be releasing not one but two iPhones this time, according to rumors. One with a 4.7 inch and the other 5.5 inch but we are still unsure what type of products we will be seeing in the event. According to sources, the 5,5 inch model was delayed due to issues that occurred during the production process.

Apple has sold around 35.2 million iPhone devices in June quarter which bringgs the iPhone sales up by 12% year-over year. Although according to Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri, the sales could be have been much higher had their been no ‘product rumors’.

In order to know the exact date, we have to wait and see when Apple gives out the press invites. Till then, it’s all speculation.

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