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Rumor Mill: 5 Top rumors you should not miss

Since this time of the year there is more talk about rumors rather than actual news, Techetron will bring you a collection of the hottest rumors in a short, easy to digest form. So without further ado, let’s spin the rumor mill!

Rumor Mill


1. iPhone 6


We could easily dedicate an entire article to the highly rumored iPhone 6 purely because of the sheer volume of rumors being shot through the window but to sum it up, Apple seems primed to unveil not one but TWO new iPhones this fall a 4.7 inch model and another 5.5 inch model, form factors that contradict Apple’s previous philosophy of small screens. The new design looks to ditch the chambered edges for a curved feel. Most reports claim both devices will feature a new sapphire glass screen to offer greater durability however more recent reports suggest the 5.5 inch model will only have it and will also offer better specifications.

2. Samsung Galaxy Alpha


Long have we heard of Samsung releasing a metal smartphone yet here we are past more than halfway of 2014 and no metal handsets have come out of their factories. A Samsung executive recently stated that the company is looking to release a smartphone made of new materials however this does not necessarily point towards something metallic as the South Korean company could easily be referring to a new polymer for its device. Some photos of the alleged device have leaked over the past month showing a 4.7 inch device with a removable back and seemingly metallic edges. It remains difficult to judge the material choice from the images as the edges could easily have a plastic border with a shiny finish.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Even though Samsung observed a drop in profits the last quarter, analysts believe that the tech giant still has their best card up their sleeves – the Note 4. The Galaxy Note line has always been the place for Samsung to unleash the absolute bleeding specifications and this time around, the company has the most reason to tip the scales. The device is allegedly set to release BEFORE IFA this September, contrary to the trend followed for the past three years. The rumors are wild with this device as many claim the Note 4 may feature a flexible display with a wrap around screen or even retina scanning technology! Further reports claim that a virtual reality headset will be launched alongside the new device which again is backed by leaked images of designs and some new patents. None of the above information is set in concrete however what we do know is that the new device is most likely to pack insane specifications.

4. New Nexus Tablet


Look around for a new Nexus 7 in the Google Play store and you will find that all versions of the device are sold out and have not had replenished stocks. This is following an image released by Google which shows an un-named, un-marked tablet possessing a 4:3 aspect ratio and a size near 9 inches. Obviously enough, the image and supposed coincidence of lack of stock tablets has resulted in talk of a new Nexus tablet. The tablet is supposedly codenamed “Volantis”

5. Motorola Making A Nexus Phablet

Nexus 5

LG for the past two years has produced Google’s Nexus smartphones and when questioned a few months ago, declined to have been contacted for the next installment in the Nexus program. After Google acquired Motorola, there was some talk in the industry indicating that the company would produce the next Nexus smartphone however these claims were questioned after Google sold off Motorola to Lenovo. Rumor has it now that Google is moving into the phablet territory with its new Nexus smartphone (if the Nexus line continues that is).

With the back and forth speculations made regarding a secretive “Android Silver” program for non-Nexus devices, it was initially thought that the Nexus line itself would be cut. Now though, multiple reports claim that Google wants to go into the phablet market following current Android screen size trends and evolve the Android operating system to best utilize the available real-estate. Most people were content with the 5 inch Nexus 5 however many people seem to be on the fence at the prospect of the next Nexus being close to 6 inches. The device is apparently nicknamed “Shamu” as per the trend of naming Nexus devices after aquatic animals, particularly fish. The nickname also seems most appropriate for a device near tablet lands.

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